{Open Sale} How to Buy Letv Le 1S Successfully on Flipkart Sale

Script to Buy Le 1S: LeEco is a newcomer in India for smartphone but getting really popular with their upcoming smartphone named Letv Le 1S having tons of features which will definitely make you feel to have it in your hands. LeEco is launching this smartphone in Flipkart Flash Sale which comes out to be very popular last time during the incoming of Xiaomi smartphones. Since these flash sales comes out to be very hard to grab the product, here we are making your task easy by providing you Script to Buy Le 1S mobile successfully on Flipkart. So all you need to do is have a good internet speed and and apply this script. This script will automatically adds the LeEco Letv Le 1S smartphone to your Cart immediately within milliseconds when sale starts. Le 1S Flash Sale Script.

how to buy le 1s

How to buy Le 1S: To buy this smartphone you need to first register for it on Flipkart's Le 1S product page. Flipkart has officially announced that for this smartphone, they got 3 Lakhs registers already and more counting. So there will be more competition on buying this smartphone on the sale day which is 9th February 2016. But not to worry since we have a trick to buy Le 1s smartphone successfully from Flipkart Flash Sale. But before going forward to present the secret trick to buy this smartphone we will give a slight overview and Letv Le 1S review for the users who are new to this smartphone.

Buy Le 1S on Flipkart

LeTv Le 1S Quick Review:

LeEco Le 1S is a highly featured smartphone which comes with affordable price and stylish look. From 3GB RAM to 32GB ROM, this smartphone fulfills all your techie needs. This mobile is engraved with Full Metal Unibody which is one of the main attraction amongst people. If you are in a need to have a good looking as well as full fledged smartphone after a long time then this completely fulfills your desire. Moreover Le 1S price in India is just Rs. 10,999 which is perfect and affordable for this beast. Below we are listing Letv Max specs. Script to Buy Letv Le 1s.

LeEco Le 1S Specifications:


ROM [Internal Memory] 32GB
Display Screen 5.5 Inch Touchscreen
Battery 3000mAh
Primary Camera 13 MP
Secondary Camera 5 MP
Operating System Android v5 Lollipop with EUI OS
Processor 2.2 GHz Helio X10 Turbo MTK 6795T Octa Core Processor
SIM Support Dual Sim [LTE + LTE] | 2G / 3G / 4G Support
LockScreen Fingerprint Scanner


LeTv Le 1S Price in India:

trick to buy le 1s

Buy Le 1S on Flipkart

Le 1s Sale: Even with lots of features and tech, this smartphone is priced only ₹ 10,999 in India. If you are Axis Bank user then you can grab additional discount of 10% on Le 1S India. That means on buying with Axis Bank Credit / Debit card you can get this smartphone at just ₹ 9899 in India on Flipkart Flash Sale. You can also buy this smartphone on EMI basis.

From March 2016 there is an Open Sale for Letv Le 1s so no registration or script required for purchase. You can directly buy this phone by going to above link.

How to Register LeTv Le 1S for Flipkart Flash Sale ?

Flipkart has a very innovative idea of making user register before actually purchasing product from flash sale. This makes it separate from the users who desperately wants this smartphone and to limit the sale rush. So to buy Letv Le Max 1s smartphone you need to register for it before the flash sale dated 9th Feb at 12 PM. Click on below button which will lead you to the product page of Le 1s pro mobile. Simply click on "Login / Signup" button and then "Register Now" button to get eligible for the flash sale. How to purchase Le 1s smartphone.

register for le 1s on flipkart

Register For LeTv Le 1S on Flipkart

Script to Buy Le 1S Successfully on 2nd February 2016:

So the wait is over and here we are presenting the trick to buy Le 1s smartphone easily using a javascript. Tricks to buy Le 1S. Now you will think how this script works ? This is a javascript that automatically clicks on Buy Now button every 10 milliseconds which is not possible directly using mouse. So as soon as Buy Now button appears it will start clicking on it until Le 1s adds to your cart successfully.

Le 1s Sale Script 1 [May Be Working]


setInterval(function(){ $('.sale-btn').trigger('click'); console.log('Working…'); },10);


Flipkart Sale Script 2 [Worked Last Time]


var d = new Date(); var eta = 1454394600000-d.getTime();eta++;setTimeout(function(){$('.sale-btn').trigger('click');console.log('clicked, your phone should be in your cart now');},eta); console.log('script is working in background');

Important Note: If above script gives any error then rewrite all single quotes ( ' ) present in the script. Due to the font difference sometimes it changes from straight to curly style single quote which doesn't work with javascripts. For a safe side write whole script manually from the keyboard.

How to use Le 1s Script ?

Note: For a safe side, open above link in two tabs, apply script in one tab and click manually in second tab.

  • Now after completely loading of page, right click anywhere on the page.
  • Now click on "Inspect Element" shown last in the options. Or else you can also press Ctrl + Shift + I.
  • A popup window will appear from bottom.
  • Their you will find a "Console" tab, click on it.

Inspect element console tab

  • Paste the above given Le 1s script in the box. (Ctrl + V)
  • Finally hit on Enter button (Keyboard) approx. 5 minutes before sale.
  • Now wait for the script to do its work of adding Le 1s to your cart.

add le 1s to cart

  • After successful adding Le 1s to cart, go ahead for payment procedure.

Letv Le 1S Buy Online

Necessary Requirements for Script to work perfectly !!
  • Use latest Google Chrome browser for best result.
  • Synchronize your system time with internet.
  • To do so simply right click on Date and Time present in bottom right corner on Taskbar.
  • Then click on "Adjust date/time", a popup box will appear.
  • Click on "Internet Time" tab and then click on "Change Settings".
  • Tick mark on "Synchronize with an Internet Time Server".
  • Choose "time.nist.gov" from dropdown menu.
  • Finally click on "Update Now" button and click on Ok.
  • Make sure to have a good internet speed. Activate any 3G plan for best result.
  • Close all background updates.

Video Tutorial for LeEco Letv Le 1S Trick:

Refer LeEco LE 1S to Earn Free Rs. 250 Flipkart Store Credits [Ended]:

  1. This Offer is open to all current and new users of Ping on the Flipkart App.
  2. To be eligible, share Le1S device from 24th January, 2016 to 2nd February, 2016 with your friend(s) on Ping. If your friend(s) buy the device that you have shared on the Flipkart App in on 2nd February, 2016 both of you shall win Store Credit worth Rs.250/-
  3. The bought & shared product(s) must be from the two devices as mentioned above.
  4. All users of Ping who would have shared the device and a friend(s) buying the same, both shall be eligible for a Store Credit worth Rs.250.
  5. Maximum of 1 Store Credit worth Rs.250 to be given to each User.
  6. The Store Credit shall be credited in between 15th March, 2016 to 18th March, 2016.
  7. Offer will be void if any User (You or the person with whom product is shared) cancels the order (part or whole) Buy Le 1s on Flipkart Flash Sale.
  8. The Store credit is redeemable only on products sold by WS Retail seller only.
  9. Such Store Credit cannot be redeemed against cash or credit and can only be used to purchase products listed on Flipkart by WS Retail seller.
Script to Buy Le 1s in Flipkart Flash Sale [Trick]
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  1. hai frndz myself BALAJ i hope all r 5n. i need le phone if anyone has pls pls pls pls pls pls sell to me im ready to buy my ph no: 9701 320 330.

  2. can any one give me this phone who is having extra one.. plz plz plz I didn't get it from last two sales and so disappointed so is there any one who can help me buying it from cash on delivery

  3. I used the second script 5 min before the sale started which didn't wait for buy now button to appear and was acting instantly so I used the first script in a window and hit the buy now button manually in another incognito window both signed in from same flipkart account. Interestingly I got the phone in the window where I hit the button manually and another window where script was working showed message as only one phone allowed per account so it didn't add phone in cart as I already got phone in cart from another window with same account. Nevertheless script would have added phone in account if I wouldn't have tried manually in another window so thank you for that. Later came to know that flipkart sold 95000 phones today in 20 secs. So the sale lasted very long this time compared to 2 sec last time. So for those who didn't get it this time should definitely get it next time. And don't worry about huge no of registrations as most of people register from multiple accounts to increase their chances.

  4. Anyone want Le Letv 1s Mobile Phone at Next Sale for Just Rs.700 Extra & Rest 10999 at CashonDelivery can Email me on Hurry Up! u will get the phone guarantee or money back…

  5. Did anyone buy it in today's sale?…..It was totally absurd I hit buy now button and it was in my cart and as I clicked go to cart it said their item in your cart is out of stock. I all of this in just 4 secs

  6. i have letv le mobile in my cart,if anyone want i can give,if u r ready to spare 1000 extra i will give the mobile to u,anyone want can contact me

  7. setInterval(function(){ $('.btn-buy-now').trigger('click'); console.log('Working…'); },10);

    Open Console or press f12 and paste above code in last line & hit enter now you wait when button enables it automatically add to cart.

  8. Hye Bro .

    When i have ot iinsert this script?
    When sale starts or before..?
    if before around when?

    I tried applying this script now.. but it worked immediately without waiting for sale ot start.
    Also how can i set time delay after sales start.

    I used below script
    "var d = new Date(); var eta = 1454394600000-d.getTime();eta++;setTimeout(function(){$('.sale-btn').trigger('click');console.log('clicked, your phone should be in your cart now');},eta); console.log('script is working in background');"

  9. Hi abhishek,
    i was missed to get letv le 1s mobile on 2nd feb 2016 , can i use the same for next coming offer on 9th feb 2016.

    thanks for creating the scripts.

  10. Dear brother I couldn't get the phone today Feb 2. Its again going to be a flash sale on 9th. I don't know whether this script will work or not. But I have some thing to say. If you help me I will help you. The WiFi connection here is very weak in my place. I believe you have very good WiFi connection. Brother plz help me…to get this mobile. Plzz. You register this and add to your cart. And I will give you my phone number and place name. And send the mobile at my info. For this help…i will give you as many subscriber to your channel…i have lot of friends here…i will be happy to get you as many subscribers as possible. But plz help me. Will wait for your humble reply. Don't worry..i will keep my words. I promise I will give you all my friends…plzzz help and reply. Thank you.

    • This is my phone number brother- 8968284408. I will give you my flipcart account email and password….if you will help me. Plz I am really hoping you will help. Plz I really want this phone. If you help me…may be some day god will help you. And I will also try to help you. We are 80 friends living together in hostel. We are from different countries…not from India. So that's why I am asking you help. I promise subscribe, sharing, like I will do every thing..just trust me. Thank you. After reading this message if you are willing to help then plz call or message me on that number I left. I will then send you my flipcart account number. I would be greatful to u for the rest of my life for this help.

  11. the script you gave didn't work today. I tried with 2 accounts in two different browsers. there seems to be something wrong with the script or the way I did. May be something I missed.

    Anyway great work.

  12. At what time will you update the script if any changes happened..plz leave the exact time..and where you update the script…in the comment or in the post where it is wriiten script in big box???

    sorry for disturbing you again and again..plz dont mind. Thannk u

  13. Brother! I have two more question… 1. AT what time the count down time exactly begins??
    2. The buy now button will appear only after count down time begins or before the beginning of count down time…like 11:30 AM, something???
    ( any idea? plz share your experience…..)

  14. Brother…any changes made by flipcart on its script??? If yes plz do let me know. And brother are you sure if we reduce the timing 10 millisec to 5 millisec then…will it surely work..??? isnt 10millisec the original command in java script??? Or can we make changes on timming…Have you tried testing it??? Just confused..plz clear my confusion…i would be very greatful to u. Your help shall be my dream comes true…i really dont wanna miss this opportunity…plz do reply as soon as you read this! Thanks for your help and support…!!

  15. Bro any changes done by flip cart on the script??..plz let me know and are you sure we can reduce the time 10 millisec to 5 millisec…?? If 5 millisec don't happen to work then…? Have you checked it before that changing timing to less will work…?? Just confused plz clear my confusion. Thanks alot for your help and support and plz do reply as soon as you get this!


  17. Brother first of all I am very much great ful to u for your kind support. I have a question- can we change the timing 10 milliseconds to 2 milliseconds. Because most of people has already looked your script so tomorrow many of them will be doing your way…i assume that flipcart has 20,000 mobile sets and all will perform same script and I don't want to take any risk. I have to get this mobile at any cost. I just cannot effort to loose this. Plz help…if yes then plz plz plz do reply as soon as you read this comment on my Gmail personally…as I am not that good on computer…if I will be unable to find my comment reply on your post then it will be hard for me. So plz reply me on my Gmail – [ riyojin901@gmail.com ] and also plz plz leave the script if there is any change in the script plz send me those also…i will be waiting for your kind reply. Plz send those codes as soon as possible. I will be very great full to u…..for your help and support. Thank u. Will be waiting for your reply on my Gmail.

    • I will recommend you not to change time below 5 milliseconds. Secondly for a safe side, open above link in two different tabs. Apply script in one tab and click manually in second tab.

    • Registering only means that you are eligible to buy this smartphone on sale day. If you will not be able to buy then register for next sale and try on that day according to your convenience.

  18. At my work Chrome doesnot show inspect element but in Fire fox shows inspect element & I tried to test the script but it is not working.

    Now the Buy now inspect element has below script "

    it is bit different then you shown in your video. Can you please help…

    • Chetan, the script for Le 1S given in the above post will work only on sale day when countdown timer occurs and Buy Now button appears.

      Flipkart uses ".jbv-buy-big" class for Buy Now button of flash sale product.

      If you want to test now for educational purpose with some other mobile then just replace ".jbv-buy-big" with ".btn-big" and apply the script to see the working procedure of this script.

      But on the sale day of Le 1S you have to use the actual script given above in the post.

    • Yes this script is generic for all flipkart flash sales, but in very rare case flipkart changes the class id which in general case is ".jbv-buy-big". But don't worry about that, we will update the script 15 minutes before the sale if any changes occur :) So kindly check before applying script.

    • Yes you can just replace the last number 10 with lower number.

      Normal script for 10 milliseconds: setInterval(function(){ $('.jbv-buy-big').trigger('click'); console.log('Working…'); },10);

      If you want for 5 milliseconds: setInterval(function(){ $('.jbv-buy-big').trigger('click'); console.log('Working…'); },5);

      PS: Rewrite single quote in script if you get any error.

        "Use of getPreventDefault() is deprecated. Use defaultPrevented instead. new-lib-171daa7.js:16:0
        Image corrupt or truncated. 20160129_000848_730x300_image-730-300-1-1.jpg

        setInterval(function(){ $(‘.jbv-buy-big’).trigger(‘click’); console.log(‘Working…’); },10);
        SyntaxError: illegal character".

        • Brother the Class id which you can see in the script ".jbv-buy-big" belongs to the Buy Now button which comes after flash sale timer.

          It will not work with the Regular Buy Now button for other products.

          **For Testing Purpose–> [For Regular Buy Now buttons, just replace '.jbv-buy-big' with '.btn-big' and apply the script.]

          Still if you have any doubts regarding this then I will recommend you to kindly check this post 15 minutes before the sale for any update in the script.

          But most probably this will be the final script which worked in many previous flash sales on Flipkart.

          For a safe side open above link in two different tabs and apply script in one tab and click manually in second tab. :)

          PS: Rewrite single quote in script if you get any error.

    • If you want to buy more than one Letv Le 1S then open one Flipkart account in one tab and open another account in "Incognito / Private Window" (You can find this in upper right side of Chrome Browser) or just press Ctrl + Shift + N to open it.

      Apply script in both tab.

      You can also do this using two different browsers like one with Chrome and another with Firefox.


    • 1. Yes you can use Firefox :)
      2. After successful adding LeEco Le 1S to the cart, you will get around 1-2 hour(s) to complete your payment procedure. (In very rare case they give 15-30 mins time.)

    • Yes, keep open your flipkart account. Check this post 15 minutes before the sale for any update. Copy the script and apply the script on Flipkart's LeEco Le 1s product page.

      Make sure you have followed each and every steps carefully like sync system time with internet + Use Google Chrome + Good internet plan. :)

    • Most probably this is the final script but I will recommend you to kindly check this post 1 hour before sale for any update. Hope you will get this mobile :)

    • You can register for this phone till 2nd Feb 11:00 AM. But that is not the matter of concern. Every Time in Flipkart Flash Sale phone gets out of stock within seconds due to huge rush of people who are trying to purchase the mobile. Using this script will allow you to sit relax and let the script work for you of clicking "Buy Now" button automatically every 10 milliseconds so that it can be added to your cart before anyone else can.

  20. If I apply the script, and then after sale starts what happens if I hit buy now button manually? Will I be able to do that or I just have to wait until the product gets added to my cart automatically?

    • You don't have to click buy now button manually, script will automatically clicks Buy Now button every 10 milliseconds and it will add the Letv Le 1s smartphone to your Flipkart's Cart.

      • hi abhisekh.i tried but unfortunately not got it.your script works but i think there are much rush over it.anyways if you or your any subscriber got extra in their cart.kindly do contact on nine zero one five one four nine nine nine eight. or email me