3 E-Commerce Sites to try out in 2018

It all started with Amazon.com starting Amazon.in in India as the sole e-commerce website in India but at that point of time , there were very less number of people who were really buying products from e-commerce.
The entry of Flipkart into to the Indian E-commerce scene again was a turning point which literally started the trend of online shopping.
Flipkart started with Stuart Bansal and Binny Bansal moving on their scooter , delivering books in Bangalore. The were working tirelessly to make their startup work. With the passage of time , Flipkart has become one of the best Indian e-commerce store.

Fun Fact – Stuart Bansal and Binny Bansal were good friends who were working for Amazon before they started their own startup , Flipkart

The journey also saw the rise of another E-commerce giant , Snapdeal started by Kunal Bahl
Apart from all these giants , we have also seen the rise and fall of a lot of other e-commerce stores. Now , as the scenario says , E-Commerce is one of the most profitable(and competitive) platform for a startup. To be honest , e-commerce has really come a long way ahead and the journey is not going to stop.

When the trend of online shopping was gaining popularity, a very less people trusted these sites. Though some Cash On Delivery orders were placed by people , but a very less were prepaid orders and the reason being , they did not trust their money and their card details with websites like Flipkart.
But soon time changed, with super awesome customer support by companies by Flipkart , Snapdeal , Amazon etc. people had started trusting them. That was literally the Magna Carta of E-Commerce in India.

In late 2012 , people had started trusting e-commerce sites but only Flipkart , Amazon, and Snapdeal. They still had no trust and belief on other Indian sites.

Fortunately or unfortunately , those days are long gone and now people can easily trust the newcomers in the E-Commerce market , thanks to their proper service and good customer support.

Now coming to the main topic of this article , here I will be list out some E-Commerce stores you definitely should give a try this year.

E-Commerce Sites to try out in 2016



If you are thinking about the trust factor with Abof then let me tell you that it is owned by Aditya Birla Group , popularly knows for their Telecom Service , Idea
Abof stands for All About fashion and the name makes it clear that it is a fashion store. The products , though bit costly , are of super awesome quality.
In case you are interested in buying a product from abof above 1295 , here is a promo code for you to get flat 300 off – HELLOABOF 


Happily Unmarried


Happily Unmarried was anti-established in 2003 with no vision and no business plan. Actually, at some point we did make a business plan but according to that, we should have retired 5 years ago.

We make fun products, we do music festivals, we work with corporates when they want to do interesting work and lately we have been doing a lot of projects involving branding, communication, interiors, marketing all rolled into one (we are trying to think of a name for someone who does all that but no luck yet).

PS – Their About Us Page has a lot to say :)




Launched in January 2008, naaptol has grown to become one of India’s largest comparison based social shopping portal. A one-stop destination for shoppers, merchants, and market enthusiasts, that binds buyers and sellers in a lucrative network, we at Naaptol help people connect better making the whole experience of buying easier for you.

Now the name might sound funny to you. Some of you may also perceive it as fake but believe me , naaptol is really a great online shopping store to buy your stuff from.
I would not have said that but I have a reason. A bought a smartphone worth 10000 from naaptol , 3 years back and it still is working fine. So as far as my view is concerned , I can trust naaptol for my goods because so far , it has never disappointed me.


Final Words

These stores are personally tested by me and definately deserve a try from you. So , click on the buttons and move on to the respective website. Gather up the products you need to try and proceed to checkout.
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