How To Access Blocked Sites In Android Mobile 2022

Hey Guys have you faced this site is blocked by Department of D.O.T when you open any site in Mobile or Your Computer.

If yes then you know that site was blocked by Your country Government & Today we are Gonaa give you trick to Access Blocked site in India easily.

It is very painful and strange moment when you see site was blocked and This type of Gov Censorship is increasing day by day on Internet .

For This Problem we are going to give You solution how to unblock any sites on Internet and stream Browse seamlessly in your Mobile.

Unauthorized access on blocked sites message
Access Blocked Site in Mobile

This article mostly focused for android & IOS mobile users. As you know on today’s date 80 % People using mobile to surf web via mobile.

When you see blocked website in your mobile chrome or default browser you feel helpless.

In mobile you have very less option to unblock it but as i also encountered this type of issue so without going any complex problem i found very easy solution to unblock it.

Before we give you solution of this problem let me give you answer why Government banning these sites .

Many of you still thinking why Gov have any issue what we surfing or watching on Internet.

Why Site Blocked By Authorities :

Banning sites

Internet is a web of information which you can access by opening different type sites like for informative video you go on youtube for any specific topic information you go to Wikipedia  etc etc their are millions of sites .

Now on Internet lots of useful info but some info are dangerous to you or you can say it is not suitable for public so to prevent such info to go in public.

Authorities will black list their I.P in their controlled I.S.P (Internet service Providers) so when ever your Mobile web browser wanna try to open those websites I.P it will show Blocked because all Internet traffic re route by I.S.P .

In some case blocking of sites are ok because Authorities do’t wanna dangerous info to reach you but when they also block info which are suitable for you or your age group then issue emerges and dis satisfaction Occurs .

For that reason we decided to show you a way to unblock your favorite sites in Mobile easily and you can access it from any where seamlessly .

For this we are Gonna show you a way to do it Please read below steps carefully and apply those methods to unblock any sites .

Unblock Sites With Tor Browser in Mobile :

Tor Browser is same like your google chrome browser but working of Tor Browser is very different than chrome browsers that’s why TOR unblock any website in their browser .

Tor browser not only open blocked sites it also allow full anonymity  on Internet .

Tor not allowed third party cookies tracking , it Blocked surveillance of your browser ,do’t leave your digital fingerprints and most importantly multi -layer encryption .

TOR Browser for unblocking

This features make tor Best browser to surf internet and unblock sites without any authority trespassing in your private life .

How Tor Browser Works:

So You thinking how Tor giving so much thing and how they are untraceable so let me explain when you open tor browser and enter your website it start re routing your web traffic or data on tor networks with multi layer of re routing and your data distributed on them .

TOR Working traffic Flow chart

So it is very hard to track your data and in final all incoming traffic data combine by your web browser and it opens your website smoothly with all security .

Now let’s Jump to the part how You download Tor browser and start using it .

Step to Use Tor Browser & Unblock your Favorite sites :

  1. First of Download Tor Browser from Playstore: [ Download Tor Browser in Mobile ]
  2. After downloading the app open it and skip welcome screen.
  3. Now simply enter your URL and hit ok or enter.
  4. As you hit your traffic re routed and your website opening seamlessly .
  5. You can download stream or surf via tor browser easily like you do in Chrome Browser.

So Guys hope tor browser works for you to unblock sites in mobile on any JIO ,Airtel or idea network .

Tor browser always work and Authorities not able to block sites if you use tor.

One dis advantage of tor browser is it is little bit slow compare to chrome but if you see advantage of using then i hope it is worth it.

I am giving two more alternate of Tor browser which same like tor browser and using different approach to unblock un-ban sites in mobile.

YouTube video

Alternate of Tor Browser :

Tor is a Project which was run by public and on Tor technology they have launched their official web and mobile browser Tor Browser .

Many different companies use Tor technology to build their own browser by integrating different tools .

On this technology Orbot web browser working which are going to describe below.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor:

Orbot is also web browser which works on tor technology which route your traffic on different channels or you can say different proxy network which gives you uniqueness and untraceable IP and data protection .

Orbot browser for unblocking

Orbot is good alternative of Tor browser so if you can both option use Tor or Orbot which suits you better .

Step to Use Orbot Browser & Unblock blocked sites :

  1. First of Download Orbot Browser from Playstore: [ Download Orbot Browser in Mobile ]
  2. After downloading the app open it and skip welcome screen.
  3. Now simply enter your URL and hit ok or enter.
  4. As you hit your traffic re routed and your website opening seamlessly .
  5. You can download stream or surf via tor browser easily like you do in Chrome Browser.

I Hope you like these easy methods of unblocking sites their are lots of other methods too like private DNS, CroxyProxy YouTube, Proxy methods, VPN Method, etc etc .

But we have selected most easy method to tell you unblocking of sites in your mobile without tweaking so much .

So lets go enjoy browsing with Tor network in your mobile and enjoy your sites.

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