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Aircel 3GB / Month UDP VPN Trick February 2016

Aircel trick is very popular these days and we got many request to update new Aircel free internet trick for August – september 2016. This Aircel free 3g trick is working where Aircel 3g service is present. Since many of you are aware that Aircel wikipedia trick has stopped few days ago, which was sad news for many but Earticleblog always help users to get free internet.

In this post we are sharing Aircel Vpn trick which is based on open udp port & tweaked with Finch Vpn service. Here I will share steps to get your own vpn config, that is, how to create your own vpn config and use it without speed capping. This trick is confirmed working in Jharkhand [Confirmed By Blog User].

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 How To Make You Own VPN Config. ?

  • First you need to visit – and create your own account.
  • Now go to this link – to download your own Openvpn config files for Windows, Android, etc.
  • Now simply click on “Windows”. Now a new window will open, see below screenshot –
Aircel udp config 1
Click On Image To Enlarge
  • Now you can see as stated on above image that click on “Port 53 over UDP (DNS over UDP)”.
Aircel udp config 2
Click On Image To Enlarge
  • Now click on “Download all configurations in a zip” and make sure to tick mark the below given option that is “Include my username and password (API KEY) in the config”.
  • Now your own vpn config will starts downloading and you can use it in Openvpn for PC or Android.
Note: This VPN service allows 3GB / Month hence after 3GB usage create another account and do above procedure. ;)


  • Access point / APN- aircelweb OR aircelwap
  • 3g Activated Sim.
  • Main Balance = Rs. 0

Important Note By Finch VPN Service:

  • We release new server or replace old server with new IP every week, if you are having issue in connecting please make sure you download latest config.
  • If you download all configurations in a zip, please make sure you copy your account.key file (Windows, Android OS only).
  • If you download a single config, make sure you use API KEY as your password to login, unless you enabled FinchVPN password login in your account setting.
  • Please make sure your OpenVPN binary is version 2.3 and above, if you have any issue in connecting please contact us.
  • You can check current servers status at here.
  • For featvpn user please use iOS OpenVPN config.

How To Use VPN Trick:

For Android Mobile Users:

  • Download the given config. file and save it in Sd Card.
  • Download Feat Vpn/ Open Vpn.
  • Open Feat Vpn and upload config files from your Sd card to Feat Vpn.
  • Now Connect.

You can also try Droid VPN.

For Pc Users:

  • Download NMD VPN.
  • Install it and “Run it as Administrator”.
  • Paste the downloaded config file in this location C:Program FilesNMD VPNConfig
  • Now open NMD VPN as Administrator and in the system tray you will find its icon.
  • Connect with and config and enjoy free internet. :D


Download Link
Note: You need to update your config files every week since server get dead due to over use, the above given file is just for demo purpose. It will stop working after certain usage.
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