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AirTel 3G 4G Internet UDP Unlimited Trick Working 2016

Hi, Guys after long time we have again sharing Free Airtel 3g/4G internet trick with simple tweak/Tricks so every one can use this trick to use surf or download unlimited net in Airtel.For using This trick you have to use PD-proxy Software which is tunneling software which use the Proxies and make internet Free.


Guys as you know these days 3G/4G net is so costlier so every one can not use 3G services so w are trying to provide this trick so you can enjoy this free internet.

Steps To use Free 3G/4G Unlimited AirTel Internet:-

  1. Connect Internet with Apn : ( Main Balance Should be Zero)
  2. Download PD Proxy and make a Demo Account.
  3. Run Pd Proxy Set udp 49201 or 49200 or 9201.
    Example Image
  4. Tap on Connect.
  5. Wait for PD Proxy to connect and now use internet till disconnect.
  6. Now Browse internet. Unlimited for free

Note- Don`t Disconnect your net until it disconnect automatically!

Do comment your state if worked.Currently it works perfectly on Gujraat airtel SIM other state people also check .

Mobile User Can use Droid VPN or any vpn which support UDP protocall to use free internet we are Giving below Detailed Step Follow and enjoy free internet in Mobile Also.

Step To Use Free Airtel Internet in Droid VPN:-

  • Sign Up for Droid Vpn Account here :-Droid Vpn
  • Enter Login Details and Click Save My Login Details.
  • Now You Will Free Servers.
  • You Can select any Of Free Servers..
  • Based On Trick, Select  UDP protocol fromUDP/TCP/ICMP Protocol.
  • Now, Enter udp 49201 or 49200 or 9201.
  • Finally Go Back,Tap the Button Above Disconnected,You Will Be Connected Successfully..
  • Daily 100mb Limit/Free Account
  • Use this trick at 0 balance with no data pack.
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  1. ritam mukherjee says

    I have needs internet pack

  2. ritam mukherjee says

    DOI need to have internet pack

  3. Ramesh says

    Do I need to have Internet Pack or Wifi would help

  4. grv says

    not working in haryana..
    could not connect to server

  5. icy says

    I connected with VPN as you said in above settings but can’t open any page any solution

  6. Rishabh says

    Please add Aircel Bihar unlimited internet.

  7. mayank says

    Not working in jharkhand

  8. Akshay says

    Not working in M.P and Rajasthan Sim..

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Working in Gujarat Sim.

  9. tiki says

    Need tunnelguru or pd proxy premium account

  10. DK says

    Working Fine In Gujarat state…City Vadodara….!!! Thanks Bro…!!

  11. Rajvirsinh says

    Not working in gujrat brooo

    1. DK says

      I have upload video for proof..tomorrow OK

  12. Shashank singh says

    @Savesh singh
    don’t try to fool us ?
    Put a proof that this trick is working in today’s date.

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Ok buddy then wait for works some state.want prrof check fb page and group

  13. khan says

    Up east me kaam kare ge

  14. Ayush Somani says

    For Your Kind Information, This Trick is not Working in Rajasthan.
    But Thanks for Providing Articles.
    You are a Great Blogger. :)

  15. Sagar says

    Which i use in tcp port ?

    1. sarvesh singh says

      use UDP port

  16. varinder says

    PD proxy is for Android or PC?

    1. sarvesh singh says

      use UDP port

  17. Gorav says

    Not working tried all port

  18. Pranjal says

    not working in UP West.

  19. Rohan says

    How to use it in android device?

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Tutorial is given buddy

  20. nikkkk says

    Is it unlimited? Any sim block issue?

    1. sarvesh singh says


  21. fayaz says

    is this working for android phones

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Yup buddy

  22. ketan says

    is this working in up west sim??

  23. Arnab says

    Not Working In WB… Said No Open UDP Port Found..

  24. Subrat says

    DO i need to have internet pack

    1. sarvesh singh says


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