Airtel Unlimited Vpn Trick [OPENLY POSTED]

Airtel is one of the best mobile network company of India. It provides lots of 3g packs, 4g speed in 3g price offers, free WiFi modem, etc. But as you know we are here not to see features,
we are here to know how to get unlimited free internet for Airtel without spending a single amount of money. Here we are giving you Airtel 3g trick which is working in many states where there is open ports. You can also use this Airtel high speed free 3g internet trick for Android.

Basic Requirements-

  • Main Balance = Rs. 0
  • 3G Activated Sim. If 3g is not available then you can also use this trick in 2g sim. :)
  • Access Point-

How To Use This Trick:

For Android Mobile Users:

1. Download the given config. file and save it in Sd Card.
2. Download Feat Vpn/ Open Vpn.
3. Open Feat Vpn and upload config files from your Sd card to Feat Vpn.
4. Now Connect.

You can also try Droid VPN.

For Pc Users:

1. Download NMD VPN.
2. Install it and "Run it as Administrator".
3. Paste the downloaded config file in this location C:Program FilesNMD VPNConfig
4. Now open NMD VPN as Administrator and in the system tray you will find its icon.
5. Connect with and config and enjoy free interent. :D

Direct Download Link-

Username: vpnbook
Password: sP4vebRU

Note For Bloggers:
Dear bloggers, if you want to share this trick on your blog then you are most welcome. But do place our link at the end of the post. If you need any help regarding blogger you are most welcome. I will help you for free. Thanks. :)


Trick credit goes to you. I have taken this trick from your post but I have not copied the content. The whole post is written by my own words. Still if you have any problem then you can contact me @ Facebook.

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