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Hey Guys, Welcome back to our blog, The eArticle Blog, Today I am gonna brief you about some very amazing tools for Bloggers. If you are a Blogger like us then you're gonna surely love these amazing tools. These will be very helpful in your Blogging Journey. So let's begin.


Grammarly for Chrome
Grammarly for Chrome
Price: Free
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Blogging means writing blogs and if you are writing something, your language and way of presenting stuff should be very good. But If your English is a little bit weak but you have knowledge then, Grammarly is the best solution for you.

It shows your grammatical mistakes and helps you find the best replacement for it. You can add it as an extension for Google Chrome or other browsers. It also works properly works inside the WordPress and post editor.


Canva is an amazing tool for creating and editing pictures. It provides free Layouts, Elements, and Pictures. It is very helpful for creating thumbnails or featured images for Blog Posts.

You can use Canva to create beautiful thumbnails for your Blog Posts and attract viewers to read your post. It uses a drag n drop format, therefore if you have no idea about the design you can use it very easily.

[h]Google Trends[/h]

Most people think that it is of no use, but if used wisely is very helpful it basically tells you what is trending on the internet, which gives you a topic for your new Blog Post. It analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages.


You can compare two or more topics and even check what's trending on different search platforms like Image Search, YouTube etc.

[h]Google Webmaster Tools[/h]

The meaning is the same as the name suggest i.e. tools for the webmaster provided by Google, So it basically helps in Search Engine Optimisation etc.

It lets you upload your sitemap and lets you remove unwanted site links in search results and helps a lot to bring your Website or Blog on top of Google Search results.

[h]Google Analytics[/h]

It is a very amazing and awesome tool which you can use to analyze your blog and work on your audience. It lets you check your reach, and audience from different perspectives like region, country etc.



Here is another image related tool for Bloggers, it is a stock images and video website and gives you very nice stock images for free for your Blog. You can use them to increase the interest of readers in your Blog Post.

Above is a Nice Image From



If This Then That, it is a tool to automate your work and can be very useful for Blogger, for example, you can use it to automate posting of your articles on Facebook.

You can use it for various different purposes according to your needs and creativity.


[h]One Signal[/h]

It is a very efficient tool for sending push notifications to your readers.

It is completely free and very useful, we are not promoting it, you can use other push notifications services also like Push Engage etc.


It is a notes tool and allows you tool note down anything. It is available for both, Desktop and Mobile.

You can use it to note down ideas, main points of Blog Posts. It comes handy when writing Blog Posts. You should try it at least once and you would yourself see the results.

[h]Small SEO Tools[/h]

So these are very useful but are not provided by trustable companies or organizations, you can simply search on google for "SEO Tools" and you would find several websites for the same. And several small tools like- Word Counter, Crop tool, Format conversion tools, and QR Code Generator and many more are there.

They are quite useful and at times we waste a lot of time searching on google for these tools on different Website, here it provides all tools are provided at the same place.

One such website that I personally like is Small SEO Tools you can also visit and check it here.


These were some very useful tools, that I think is very awesome and can reduce wastage of time and help you to run an efficient blog. Note- We are not promoting any one of them.

Thanks for reading if you read till the end! Bye, See you in the next article!

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