Amazon Brylcreem Quiz (*Answer*) || WIN Rs 5,000

A new quiz contest live on Amazon App. Play today quiz and win Rs 5,000 Amazon Pay. Amazon Brylcreem quiz answer has been added. Check the answer of Brylcreem quiz before playing. Also, know how to play Amazon quiz contest? The Brylcreem quiz is held by Hindustan Unilever.  The quiz is available on amazon app, only. There are 20 winners to be selected as a winner. Each of them will be rewarded with Rs 5,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

Answer of Amazon Brylcreem Quiz
Answer of Amazon Brylcreem Quiz

Answer of Amazon Brylcreem Quiz

The answers of Amazon Brylcreem Quiz are below. You may check your answer and confirm before going ahead. It may possible that you are the next winner of Amazon Quiz contest.

1. Which of these celebrities is currently associated with the brand Brylcreem?

Answer: Varun Dhawan


2. Brylcreem does NOT offer products in which of the following categories?

Answer:  Ice creams


3. Which of these is the NOT the name of a popular beard style? 

Answer: Mole patch


4. Brylcreem Beard Oil is formulated with 3 special oils – Sesame Oil, Olive Oil and ____. Fill in the blanks

Answer: Almond oil.


5. Which of the following is a benefit of using beard oil? 

Answer: Hydrates and softens facial hair and the skin beneath


How To Play Amazon Brylcreem Quiz?

It is quite easy to play Amazon Brylcreem Quiz. Just follow the given steps and stand a chance to win Rs 5000 Pay Balance.

  • First, you have to download amazon app.
  • Open the app and Sign in/Sign Up with your account.
  • Go to Amazon Home. Scroll down and click on Amazon Quiz.
  • Click on Amazon Brylcreem Quiz and start play.
  • Answer of Amazon Brylcreem Quiz given above.
  • Check answer before playing.
  • Done…


Prize Of Amazon Today Quiz Contest?

Prizes are quite impressive. There will 20 winners to be selected under Amazon Brylcreem Quiz. You can win Rs 5,000 Amazon Pay Balance by playing this game. You have to answer 5 questions which answers has been added above. Check the answer of Amazon Brylcreem Quiz before trying this quiz contest.

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