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General Knowledge 2016 Paperback
by Manohar Pandey (Author)
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Product details:

  • Paperback: 592 pages
  • Publisher: Arihant; Eighth edition (12 March 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9352032209
  • ISBN-13: 978-9352032204
  • Product Dimensions: 20.6 x 13.5 x 2.5 cm

Table of Contents:

  • Current Affairs
  • Indian History
  • Ancient India:
The Early Man, Indus Valley Civilisation, The Aryans and the Vedic Age, Pre-Mauryan Age, Magadha Empire, Jainism, Buddhism, The Mauryan Empire, Post-Mauryan Period, The Age of the Guptas, Gupta Administration, The Harsha Period, Sangam Age
  • Medieval India:
The Rajputs, The Delhi Sultanate, Vijayanagara Kingdom, Religious Movements, The Mughal Empire, The Maratha Age
  • Modern India:
Advent of the Europeans, Phases of Economic Policy, Revolt of 1857, Governor-Generals of Bengal, Growth of Modern Education in India, Social and Cultural Uprisings, The Indian National Movement, Important National Leaders
Art and Culture of IndiaReligion, Literature, Music, Dance
  • World History:
Important Wars of the 20thCentury
World GeograpgyUniverse, Solar System, The Moon, Earthquakes, Volcanism, Rocks, Landforms, Atmosphere, Climate, Hydrosphere, Movements of Oceanic Water, Continents of the World
Indian GeographyDrainage System of India, The Climate of India, Forest and Natural Vegetation, Agriculture in India, Green Revolution, Mineral Resources, Energy, Transport, Major Tribes of India, States/Union Territories of India
  • Ecology and Environment:
Pollution, Biodiversity, Biosphere Reserves of India, Glossary
Indian PolityConstitution of India, The Preamble, Union and its Territory, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties (FDs), Union Executive, President, Prime Minister, Union Council of Ministers, Members of Parliament, Supreme Court, States Executive, State Legislature, Panchayati Raj, Municipalities, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Constitutional Amendments, Glossary
Indian EconomyIntroduction of Economics, Broad Sectors of Indian Economy, Methods of Measuring National Income, Strategies of Planning, Demography, Poverty, Unemployment, Rural Development Programmes, Agriculture, Industry, Insurance Sector, Indian Financial System, Union Budget, Finance Commission in India, International Economic Organisations, Glossary
  • General Science:
Physics:Units, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Gravitation, Satellite, General Properties of Matter, Density, Wave Motion, Sound Wave, Heat, Light, Electricity, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Radioactivity, Nano technology
Chemistry:Matter and Its States, Atomic Structure and Radioactivity, Acids, Bases and Salts, Electrochemistry, Corrosion, Battery, Energy Resources, Air, Water and their Pollution, Important Points
  • Biology:
The Cell, Biomolecules, Biological Evolution, Systems of Human Body, Diseases, Genetics, Biotechnology, Botany, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry
Computer:Types of Computer, Components of Computer, Networking, Internet, Antivirus, Glossary, Abbreviations
General KnowledgeFirst in World (Male), Superlatives World, Countries with Capitals and Currencies, Geographical Epithets, Major Newspapers of the World, First in India (Male), UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India , Famous Tourist Spots of India, Important Dates and Days of the Year, Books and their Authors, United Nations, Sports, Other Sports, Principle Languages of India, National Insignia of India, Indian Defence, Defence Research in India, India’s Atomic Research, Space Programme of India, Awards and Honours , National Awards

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