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Amazon Quiz Answer Today || Amazon iPhone X Quiz Answer

Amazon Leg and Foot Massager Quiz Answer

Amazon Quiz Answer Today: Here are the latest quiz answers of Amazon Quiz Today. All the answer of Amazon quiz has been added. Check your Answer here and stand a chance to win grand prizes. Amazon Quiz Contest become a hot topic among Amazon Users.

Most of the user find difficulties in finding the answer. So, we are here to help you. We will add a quiz and their answer every day. So, here is the complete Amazon Quiz Package. No need to visit the different website for the different quiz. Get all Quiz Answer at just single Page.

iPhone X  Quiz Answer (18 Aug 2018)

Amazon Today quiz is all about iPhone. Here you have a wonderful chance to win iPhone X from Amazon Quiz Contest. Today Amazon Quiz Contest will live on 8 Am and ends at 12 PM. So, you have few hours to grab iPhone X. The answer of today Amazon quiz will be updated in this post. You can check the answer of iPhone X Quiz Contest below.

Answer of iPhone X Quiz

Question 1:



Question 2:



Question 3:



Question 4:



Question 5:


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Quiz Answers (8 Aug 2018)

Question: Currently along with Venezuela, which country has bagged the highest number of Miss World pageants?

Answer – India

Question: In the FIFA World Cup, the ‘Golden Glove Award’ is awarded each season to whom?

Answer – The best goalkeeper

Question:  Which of these is a folk dance form that originated in Maharashtra?

Answer – Lezim

Question: Castella, Tres Leches, Brigadeiro, and Oliebollen are all names of ___?

Answer – Desserts

Question: With reference to NBA basketball, what does the term MVP stand for?

Answer – Most Valuable Player

Amazon Leg and Foot Massager Quiz Answer(7 Aug 2018)

Amazon Leg and Foot Massager Quiz Answer : Here is the today quiz contest. It is all about the Foot Massager. The Quiz contest is held by Amazon Seller. It starts at 8AM and ends at 12 pm. There are some grand prizes which you can win through this contest. All, you have to give all the correct answer of a given quiz.

Answer of Amazon Leg and Foot Massager Quiz

(8 am TO 12 p.m)

There will be 5 questions. You have to choose the correct answer. The answer will be updated at 8 Am onwards. The quiz will start today at 8 a.m.

Question 1:- MS Dhoni played for which franchise in IPL 2018?


Answer:- Chennai Super Kings


Question 2:- Which of these is NOT a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India as of 2018?

Answer:- Charminar, Hyderabad


Question 3:- A ‘sonnet’ is a poem in a specific form which originated in Italy. How many lines does a sonnet typically have?

Answer:- 14 Lines


Question 4:- Fanta and Sprite belong to which beverage company?

Answer:- The Coca-Cola Company


Question 5:- AR Rahman won a Grammy award for which album?

Answer:- Slumdog Millionaire

Prizes Of Amazon Today Quiz

There is only one prize in today quiz contest. You can win easily. Just give the correct answer and wait for the result. If your luck is good then you can win a Grand Prize.

How To Play Amazon Quiz?

It is quite easy to play Amazon Quiz Contest. There are a few simple tasks you have to complete in order to play Amazon Quiz Contest.

Most, of the people, think, it is fake. But it is not. Many people receive prizes. So, basically, it depends upon your luck. You can do 2 things only, participate and give all the correct answer. The answer has been added above. Read more to know how to participate in Amazon Quiz Contest.

Step by Step Guide To Play Amazon Quiz

  • First, Download Amazon App.
  • Sign in/ SignUp with your email ID.
  • Go To Home and scroll down.
  • Go To Quiz Page and Click On Start, to play the quiz.
  • Check your answer above and try to give all the correct answer.
  • Done….. You successfully participated in the quiz contest.
  • Now, wait for the Winner’s List.



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