(#Ans) Amazon RIDDLES Quiz Answers | Win a Ticket to Space

Amazon Riddle Quiz Answer. Answer of Amazon RIDDLES Quiz is updated.Play Amazon RIDDLES Quiz Contest and win a ticket to space, the trip includes a viewing of Earth from Moon and a Dip in the Gale Crater lake on Mars.Amazon Today Quiz answer is up to date. The Today Riddles Quiz Answer is simple to guess but don’t take any chance and give your best. Check the Answer of Amazon Riddles Quiz contest.Also, Check Amazon Quiz Winner

Amazon Riddles Quiz Answers

Amazon Riddles Quiz Answers

The answers of Amazon RIDDLES Quiz is here. Check your answer and stand a chance to win a ticket to space. There is only one prize. Try your best and keep visiting us.

Question 1 ) I have a head and a tail but no body. What am I? An amoeba A coin Extra-Terrestrial Jadoo
Answer) A coin

Question 2 )I can be made, played, cracked and told. What am I?
Answer) Joke

Question 3 )I come once in a year, twice in a week but never in a day. What am I?
Answer) The letter E

Question 4 )I wax, I wane. I am full about every 29.5 days . What am I?
Answer) The moon

Question 5 )I am red. Phobos and Deimos keep me company. Who am I?
Answer) Mars

Question 6 )I am the smallest, the hottest and the first in a line of 8. Who am I?
Answer) Mercury

Question 7 ) I was famously demoted in 2006 and inspired the American Dialect Society’s 2006 Word of the Year. Who am I?
Answer) Pluto, the world of the years was ‘plutoed’.

April Fool!  | No Tickets


It is an April Fool From Amazon Seller Pvt. Ltd. There is no such tickets to space. It is just a joke. But don’t get angry. Here if you win the Amazon Riddles Quiz, you will get One Year Free shopping. Rs 10,000 Pay Balance

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Amazon RIDDLES quiz

How To Play Amazon Riddles Quiz

  • First Download the Amazon App.
  • Sign in/ Sign Up.
  • Click on Amazon Kindle Lite Quiz Contest Poster.
  • Give the answer of every questions.
  • Done..

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