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Amazon Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz Answers

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Amazon Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz

Amazon again back with another quiz contest. Now Get a chance to win a new Samsung Galaxy A8+. You can win Samsung Galaxy A8+

Easily just by giving the few answers of the quiz contest. Samsung Galaxy A8+ is an amazing phone which has cool features.


Prizes: There is Total of 6 Prizes. There is more chance to win this Quiz Contest.The winner will be announced on or before 30th April 2018. Try your luck.

Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz Answers

Question 1) Which of these is NOT a features of the Samsung Galaxy A8+?

Answers) Teleportation


Question 2) What is Samsung’s virtual assistant called?

Answers) Bixby


Question 3) What is the display on the Samsung Galaxy A8+ called?

Answers) Infinity display


Question 4) What safety features does the A8+ come loaded with?

Answers) Face recognition and Fingerprint sensor


Question 5)  The A8+ has __GB of RAM. Fill in the blanks.

Answers) 6

How To Play Amazon’s Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz?

  1. First Download the Amazon App.
  2. Open and Sign in/ Sign UP.
  3. Now Click on Amazon Quiz Contest Banner on Home Page.
  4. You will find Amazon Samsung Galaxy A8+ quiz contest Banner on Home Page.
  5. Click to Start Play Quiz
  6. Choose the correct answers of the given question.
  7. Get a chance to win the Amazon Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz Contest.
  8. Done..


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