(All Answers) Amazon Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz Answers



Amazon Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz Answers

is here. Check and give correct answers to Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz Contest. Here you can win Samsung Galaxy A8+ just by playing simple quiz contest. It depends on your luck. So, try your luck.

There are total 6 prizes means there are total 6 Samsung Galaxy A8+ that will be given under this quiz contest. The Prize may be delivered to the winner before 30th April 2018.


Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz Answers (15 Feb 2018)

Question 1) Which of these is NOT a features of the Samsung Galaxy A8+?

Answers) Teleportation


Question 2) What is Samsung’s virtual assistant called?

Answers) Bixby


Question 3) What is the display on the Samsung Galaxy A8+ called?

Answers) Infinity display


Question 4) What safety features does the A8+ come loaded with?

Answers) Face recognition and Fingerprint sensor


Question 5)  The A8+ has __GB of RAM. Fill in the blanks.

Answers) 6

Amazon Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz Answers

Que 1) What is the aspect ratio of the Samsung Galaxy A8+ Infinity display?

Answers) 18:5:9

Que 2) The A8+ has __GB of RAM. Fill in the blanks.

Answers) 6

Que 3) Which certification of the A8+ ensures the device is water and dust proof?

Answers) IP68

Que 4) Which of these can you NOT do with Samsung Pay?

Answers) Teleport To Huwaii

Que 5) How much is the maximum expandable memory the A8+ supports?

Answers) 256GB

How To Win Samsung Galaxy A8+ Quiz ?

You might be thinking about the trick to win the Amazon Quiz Contest. Really, there are no such tricks by which you can win the quiz contest. The whole process is done by machine randomly. You can win quiz contest by giving the correct answer to the quiz. All the answers should be correct. Try to give the answer as fast as possible. So, overall, we can say that there are no any tricks that help you to win the Amazon Quiz Contest. Instead of tricks, there are few tips that must be followed in order to win the Quiz Contest.

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