How To Turn Your Android Device Into An Ultimate Fitness Tracker

Hello, friends its time to make your body fit and to do that you need to perform better.

Here we will tell you about making your body fit with the help of your android mobile. Yes, here learn how to turn your Android phone into an ultimate fitness tracker which helps you to get your body healthy.

It is good to take care of your body as it maintains a healthier mind and increases the quality of life. Here we present you the article which will help you to turn your android device into the ultimate fitness tracker.

There are many apps which are made for an Android which keeps the track of your fitness. With the help of these apps, you can keep a track of your fitness and can keep your body healthy.

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So let us have a look at the full article which will help you to turn your Android Device into a Fitness tracker in 2020.

Turn your Android Phone into the Ultimate Fitness Tracker

There are few of the best apps which you will surely love as they help you to make your body fit. Let us have a look at these apps.

1. RunKeeper

urn Your Android Phone Into The Ultimate Fitness Tracker


This app is a perfect app for all those who like running. Easily you can make pre-planned exercises and can do fitness training on a regular basis.

RunKeeper app records the information about all the activities you do and shows the detail statistics, distance traveled, how much time you took to complete the run. And also it keeps the track of your heart rate while you were exercising.

2. Instant Heart Rate

urn Your Android Phone Into The Ultimate Fitness Tracker


Instant Heart Rate is one of the most popular apps which is used by most of the Android users.

This app tells your heart or pulse rate and with this, you can easily judge the level of your workout.

Just use it for your exercise and track your workout and it doesn't need any extra hardware to connect. So, what are you waiting for, install it now and check your heart rate?

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3. 7 Minute Workout

urn Your Android Phone Into The Ultimate Fitness Tracker


7 Minute Workout app gives us the exercises which are based on the study of McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. There is a virtual trainer in this app which motivates you.

Those who want to lose weight soon this app is the perfect app for them. It gives 7-minute training per day and trains your Abs, Chest, legs, and thighs. There is a complete set of exercise which is popular for losing weight fast.

4. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

urn Your Android Phone Into The Ultimate Fitness Tracker


There are millions of runners and cyclists who use this app to record their activities. They compare their performance all the time, compete with their community, share pictures, stories of their activity with their friends.

Strava Running and Cycling app is the app which most of them love to have it in their Android mobile.

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5. Google Fit- Fitness Tracking

urn Your Android Phone Into The Ultimate Fitness Tracker


The advantage of keeping this app is you can track any of your activity which you do while holding your phone.

It is from Google Inc. Like, you run, walk or do anything when you have the android device with you whole day it keeps the records of everything.

You can also get real-time status for walking, running, riding which keeps you motivated on the field. So, if you are looking for a fitness tracking app this app is great.

So, this is how you can turn your Android Device Into an Ultimate Fitness Tracker. Use all these apps which we have discussed about and keep a track of your health.

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