(All Answers) Amazon Childrens Day Riddles Quiz | Win LEGO Star Wars Command Shuttle

On Children’s Day, Amazon held Children’s Day Riddles Quiz. There are 7 questions. You have to give answers to all the questions to win LEGO Star Wars command Shuttles.In this quiz. 16 winners will be selected. The prize will be delivered to the winner on or before 28th Dec 2017.The quiz is brought to you by Funskool Ltd.

amazon childrens day riddles quiz answer

How To Play Amazon Childrens Day Riddles Quiz Answer?

  1. First Download Amazon App.
  2. Open Amazon App and click on amazon quiz contest banner.
  3. Now click on Start and Give correct answers to each question.
  4. Done.


Childrens Day Riddles Quiz Answer

Question 1) I can fly without a pilot, you’ll often find me in a bored classroom. What am I ?

Answer) Paper Plane

Question 2) Balance me on one finger or many to take me for a spin. I can help with both, concentration and distraction. What am in?

Answer) Fidget Spinner

Question 3) Yellow, orange and full of angles, I was a classroom favorite for the 90’s kids, what am I?

Answer) Geometry Box

Question 4)With me, you can climb up a rung or slide down with a hiss. What am I?

Answer) Snake and Ladders

Question 5) I have a Red Queen but no King. I have wood but no trees. What am I?

Answer) Carom board

Question 6) Google paid me a tribute on its 50th anniversary and was in the ‘Everything Is Awesome’ cast? What am I?

Answer) LEGO Blocks

Question 7) I was NOT one of your favourite characters from Tinkle comics. Who am I?I was NOT one of your favourite characters from Tinkle comics. Who am I?

Answer) Jabba The Hutt



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