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Apple iPhone 8 Plus Launch Date in India: Apple have revealed its new creation named iPhone 8 on 12th Sept Launch Event. There are many pros and few cons with solution for these smartphones but under this article we are covering up the release date & cost of iPhone 8 for Indian potential customers.

Apple iPhone 7 Launch Date in India

In yesterday’s launch event, Apple unveiled the wrap from its new offspring, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which are way much better and high performance oriented than its predecessors.

Before leaking the launch dates we are covering price and specifications for Apple iPhone 8 for India and rest of the world. Although it is obvious that iPhone 8 & 8 Plus will be launched later in India with respect to other countries like US but the good news is that the delay is not very long.

Launch Date for Apple iPhone 8 in India

Apple have scheduled Sept 12th as the launch date for India and worldwide but sale may be delayed with expected price starting at Rs. 70,000 Indian Rupees but yet there is no specific source for exact figures in terms for all variants. Whereas for the rest of the countries, pre-order starts from mid of Sept and by end of Sept it will start getting shipped.

Apple iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Price in India

Yet to be announced but it will be around Rs. 70000

Quick Look at Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Specifications

Specification Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Display 4.7 Inch (Retina HD) 5.5 Inch (Retina HD)
Resolution 750 x 1334 pixels 1080 x 1920 pixels
Variants Rose Gold, Gold, Silver,

Black, Jet Black

Rose Gold, Gold, Silver,

Black, Jet Black

Storage Capacity 32 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB 32 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB
Weight 138 grams 188 grams
Camera 12 MP camera 12 MP wide-angle with telephoto
Picture Zooming Digital zoom up to 5x Optical zoom at 2x; digital zoom up to 10x
Battery Up to 2 hours longer

battery life than iPhone 6s

Up to 1 hour longer battery

life than iPhone 6s Plus

Standby Up to 10 days Up to 16 days

* For complete detailed specifications check this official source.

Apple iPhone 7 Price in India
New iPhone 7

Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

#1: Why did Apple remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 series?

There are 3 major aspects behind this cause and they are Use, Space and Quality. Since a single port captures a space which is not worth it as it provides only one function that is allow earphones to connect. Moreover Apple believes that digital audio has a better quality than analog audio.

There are two more unofficial reasons which are first; to launch Air-Pods and second; to upgrade innovation. Removing the jack allows Apple to launch a new set of accessories, the Apple Air-Pods which there by highlights the innovative nature of Apple.

#2: When will Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus launch in India?

From the official and unofficial source, they will be released for Indian Customers by 7th of October 2016.

#3: Is it worth buying iPhone 6S in 2016 instead of 7?

Talking about the looks, it is almost similar to the iPhone 6S / 6S Plus version but it has some major changes with respect to performance. iPhone 7 has A10 Fusion 64-bit quad core chip which is almost 40% faster than the A9 present in iPhone 6S. Moreover you are getting 32 GB variants at the price of 16 GB variant of iPhone 6S.

So iPhone 7 is definitely a must buy smartphone but if you are already on iPhone 6S or 6S Plus then you might wanna wait more before upgrading to iPhone 7. But if you are a camera person then iPhone 7 definitely fulfills majority of your requirements.

#4: The Best Wireless Earbud/Earphone/Headphone for iPhone 7?

As mentioned on Quora:

1. Brightech – Apple MFI Approved Pure Lightning Earphones – Listen to Pure 24-bit Digital Audio – Wide Frequency Response – Compatible with all Apple MFi devices: iPhones, iPods, and iPads

2. Apple iPhone 7 Accessory Digital Earphone, Ecsem Wired Headset Earbuds Volume Control with Mic Support Lightning Connect for iPhone 7 Only (Black)


Now It’s Your Turn ;) Give your thoughts about newly launched Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus in comment section. If you have and query then comment below and we will respond within few hours. Thanks for reading!

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