Apps to Make Sure Your Smartphone Is Hack-Proof (Top Proven Ways)

Many people are aware of the importance of safety and security when they’re online. Everyone’s encountered at least some common threats like malware or viruses at least once in their lives.

While Android devices have seen a considerable improvement in security, this doesn’t mean that all threats are eliminated. It’s more important than ever to protect our devices. You can use an antimalware app, a VPN for Android, or a combination of a few apps for that. So, let’s take a look at something that can help keep your smartphone secure and hack-proof.

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Hack-Proof Apps to Secure Your Smartphone

Ensuring Strong and Secure Passwords

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One of the first steps when it comes to protecting your phone is using strong passwords. “password123”, or “qwerty1234” are among the most common passwords out there, and will not keep your phone safe.

The way hackers typically gain entry into a device is by guessing some of the common passwords. If users recycle the same passwords over and over again for their online bank account, email, etc., this makes a hacker’s job easier.

It’s a hassle coming up and remembering unique passwords, but there’s an app for that. LastPass is an app that allows users to keep all their passwords secure under a single master password. It can also generate random unique passwords that are impossible to guess.

Antimalware Apps are a Must

There’s a reason antimalware apps are the first to come up when people search for security apps. There are many ways a hacker can get into a user’s phone and steal sensitive information or install spyware, adware, and others; antimalware apps can protect users from such security breaches. Avast is among the most popular antimalware apps. It alerts users when spyware and the likes are installed on the device and violate the user’s privacy.

Protecting your Apps from Intruders

In case a mobile device gets stolen, the thieves gain access to the phone’s gallery, messages, email, social media, and even banking accounts.

Apps that ensure other apps are locked under a password can prove to be extremely helpful in situations like these. Applock lets users keep every app with sensitive information, well, locked. It’s quite straightforward.

While this app might not be the most reliable protection against experienced hackers, it still offers an extra layer of security. And it can help keep your data away from the prying eyes of family members, roommates, etc.

Encrypting Internet Connection

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VPN has been the buzzword of the past year. ANd for a reason – it’s one of the most active defenses against hackers.

A lot of cyber attacks are a result of people connecting to unsafe networks. Since over 24.7% of WiFi hotspots around the world don’t use any encryption whatsoever, the threat of cyber attacks becomes very real.

Getting a good VPN for their Android smartphone should be everyone’s top priority. One of the best VPN providers on the market is NordVPN. It creates an encrypted connection to any network, ensuring no outsiders can intercept it (you can download it here).

It blocks others from seeing the user’s IP address and routes all internet traffic through remote servers. NordVPN also protects users from malware by scanning websites before a user is given access to them.

Encrypting Text Messages

There are a few well-encrypted messaging apps out there that keep the texts safe from prying eyes. However, most of these messaging apps work only if both users have the same app, and will not provide any sort of security for SMS.

But an app like Signal Private Messenger can help encrypt any text message, including SMS. It provides end-to-end encryption and works well even if just one of the users is relying on this app.

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Ensuring Secure Calls


If you have spyware on your smartphone, hackers can use it to listen in on your conversations.

For most people, it’s essential for their private conversations to stay just that – individual. Secure Call app provides end-to-end encryption for all calls, and prevent them from being overheard by any intruders. It’s safe and convenient as it relies on the default phone app for making and receiving the calls.

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Hacking is not just a Hollywood invention; it’s a genuine threat that can affect anyone, regardless of their financial status or background. Securing their smartphone should be everyone’s top priority. These apps provide the protection necessary to keep you safe at all times.

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