Best Browser for Android TV – [Top 13] Smart TV Web Browsers

Best Browser for Android TV
best browser for android tv

I see that you are looking for best browser for your newly purchased Smart TV. Well, your search for the Best Browser for Android TV completes here. According to MakeUseOf, Puffin TV Browser tops the chart but I beg to defer.

So if you want to:

  • Browse internet on your smart television
  • Download a file like android app apk file on your Android TV
  • Use web interface of Netflix, Prime Videos or any other similar OTT sites
  • Give business presentation using Google Docs on Smart TV
  • Give an exam on a bigger screen of your Android TV using keyboard and mouse attached.

Then you will love this guide on best, smooth and user-friendly browsers for Android Smart Television.

Let’s get started right away,

List of Best Browser for Android TV 2023

There are many browsers available for mobile phone or computer but what about Android TV? This guide helps you in choosing the most user-friendly and Best Web Browser for TV out there dedicated to Television screens.

Here is the quick list of browser which I will discuss in details below-

  • JioPagesTV – Safe and Fast Web Browser for TV
  • Firefox for Android TV
  • Samsung Internet Browser
  • UC Browser
  • Puffin TV Browser
  • TVWeb Browser for TV
  • Google Chrome
  • TV Bro
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
  • Kiwi Browser
  • Opera
  • Vewd Browser
  • Amazon’s Silk Browser
  • Flynx

I will categorize these browsers based on the ease of use. At first, I will list the top 3 Best Browser for TV that works perfectly on any Android TV like realme, redmi, mi, google, samsung, oneplus, etc. Then, few more browsers that also does the job done with few limitations.

Here is the breif information about Best Free Browser for Android TV with it’s key features –

#1 JioPagesTV Safe and Fast Web Browser for TV

JioPages is a popular web browser designed for Android Smart TV, bringing many benefits along with it. It is one of the fastest TV browsers with secure and smooth browsing experience. It comes with curated content like latest news or videos. There is no hidden charge for downloading or browsing on JioPages TV Browser app. This Best TV Browser for Android TV is created by one of the most trusted company in India, Reliance Jio.

JioPagesTV Browser for Android TV
android tv browser

Features of JioPagesTV Smart TV Browser –

  • Option to browse from 8 different regional languages of India
  • It comes with a dedicated & fast download manager
  • You can open and read PDF file using in-built PDF reader
  • Curated video content based on 20+ categories.

#2 Firefox for Android TV

Firefox for Android TV is one of the most popular and widely used browsers on smart television. It comes with almost all basic benefits of a browser like surfing and video streaming. You can sideload Firefox to TV APK file by download it from APKMirror or Github. Download it in your mobile or pc and transfer file to TV using pendrive. Firefox TV Browser is quite light-weight and highly user-friendly. Apart from normal browser functionality, you will also enjoy the power of Turbo mode which is privacy and speed oriented addon.

Firefox for Android TV
browser for android tv

Features of Firefox for Android TV –

  • Turbo mode to block third-party cookies and high speed browsing experience
  • Browser comes with integrated cursor that can be moved using TV remote
  • You can read news, watch videos or stream upcoming web series from sites like
  • Feature of voice search to ease your browsing experience
  • Access to Curated content on Pocket.

#3 Samsung Internet Browser for TV

Samsung Smart TVs are one of the most purchased and reliable television out there. Samsung Smart TV comes with their own Best Browser App for Android TV called as Samsung Internet Browser that have tons of features like browsing, downloading and streaming videos online. Some smart TV comes with Samsung TV browser and in some case you need to download it manually from Google Play Store app present inside Smart TV. You can also sideload Samsung TV APK file on other company’s Android TV by downloading it from third party sources like APKMirror.

Samsung Internet Browser for TV
best android tv browser

Features of Samsung Smart TV Browser –

  • It comes with dark mode support which gives relief to eyes while browsing.
  • You get translator extension to translate from one language to another.
  • For privacy freaks, it comes with smart anti-tracking and smart protection mechanism.
  • Forward and Backward cache support that makes browsing faster.
  • It also have content-blocker feature.

#4 UC Browser for Android TV

UC Browser is one of the most famous browser across the mobile spectrum but due to it’s involvement with China and data privacy it was banned in India. But if you are outside India then you can also try out UC Browser on your Android Smart TV. It has a smooth user interface and download is super fast.

UC Browser for Android TV
Best Browser for Android TV with Adblock

#5 Amazon Silk Web Browser for TV

With Amazon Silk browser you can easily control videos & music using Alexa. Some say this browser is even better than Firefox in terms of watching videos online from any website. This browser is one stop solution to watch videos, view live events, socialize and shop. It offer variety of features such as switching between desktop and mobile view. You can even bookmark your favorite sites.

Amazon Silk Browser for TV
web browser for android tv

Final Thoughts on Smart TV Internet Browser

YouTube video
Best Browser for Google TV

I hope just like Amazon mini tv on Android TV worked on TV-Browser, one of these browser turned out to be working for your Android Smart TV.

I will be adding more details about other TV Browsers in upcoming days. If you have a TV browser in your mind that worked for you then please share it in comment section below.

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