These Are The Best Facebook Messenger App For PC & Mobile !!

Facebook is the world's biggest social network. Almost everyone use Facebook as it connects us with our friends and family in the whole world. It is available on the web and even on Android and iOS. But there’s no official desktop app.

Now, there are few Messenger tricks and tips which make the service better than before. Even there are many tricks you can't do a few things. For example, you can't use more Facebook accounts on the Messenger app.

You don't need to worry. Here we have brought few best Facebook Messenger Apps apart from the official one.

Best Facebook Messenger Apps for Desktop and Mobile

1. Messenger for Desktop

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: Free

The easiest way to access Facebook Messenger on a desktop computer is to use the official web app. That means having a  browser window open which rely on that browsers notifications. Get messenger for Desktop, a standalone app.

The messenger for Desktop allows you to do everything the web version will. It allows to make calls, send chat stickers and etc. The more features are:

  • Themes: Apart from the default theme, you can get dark and mosaic themes.
  • Notifications: It’s built for your OS and uses native notifications for alerts.
  • Startup: Set up Messenger to launch on startup.
  • Menu bar: Mac users can make the app run in the Menu bar.

2. Franz

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: Free

Franz is a  new platform which is universal. For few several instant messaging services it is all in one chat app. It is the best way to run Facebook Messenger on Linux.  You can run multiple Facebook Messenger accounts!

Download Franz and then connect Facebook and put in one's credentials. Once you are logged in, your Facebook Messenger has started. And like Messenger for Desktop, it supports native notifications.

To start up another Facebook Messenger account, click on Franz icon and choose Messenger under “Add New Service”.

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3. Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite app is a new version of the Messenger app. The aim of this app is developing in the countries where the internet is slow. It is also good for the older smartphones which does not support the modern apps like Facebook Messenger. Lite app gives the core features from Messenger like sending and getting messages, stickers, pictures, links. Lite does not have features like chat bots, stories, sending stickers, calls. If you just want to send messages and share pictures then Facebook Messenger Lite app is the best messenger app.

Now, the Lite app is available only in few countries like Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka. You can easily download the Lite app from Play Store via workaround or by downloading an APK file of the app.

4. Metal for Facebook

In this app, the Metal is just a mobile website wrapper. It has the option to chat directly from the App. While using the app you will just feel that it's just a web browser. In this app, you can enable the background notification for websites. By using Chrome just log into Facebook. In the background, chrome will run the web service and when you get any message it will notify you, so you can directly chat using the browser.

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5. Trillian

If you like to stay online from multiple online services like Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo. Trillian app can be the best for you. After you install the Trillian app, you have to create an in house Trillian account which will use to log in to the app.

After installing go to settings and select the option to add an IM account.

Here you can add Facebook as an account and then log in. The best thing about Trillian is that you can add multiple facebook accounts.

6. Friendly Social

Platform: iOS

Price: Free

For iOS Facebook Messenger is awesome, especially for the features like Chat Heads. But in that, you can only use a single Facebook account. If you want to use multiple Facebook accounts and want to chat with people on both the side then get the app called Friendly Social.

In the Friendly Social app, you can use facebook accounts as many as you want. On the negative side, at the same time, you can't use two accounts. That's why you need to log out from one to log into another one.

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