Top 5 Best Free audiobook apps For iOS & Android Mobiles

Gone are the days when books were only limited to reading. In the era of technology, it is no longer a buzz that you can also listen to the book of your choice with an ease.

And the best part? You do not need to pay necessarily for it. You can also have the access of the best audiobooks via the best audiobooks apps in 2022.

And in this guide, we have curated the 5 best audiobooks apps that can make your reading passion convert into listening. Let’s scroll ahead-

1- Audible 

To start the list, listing Audible at first would be the right decision as it comes with more than 200,000 audiobooks available in Hindi and English, both. It is certainly a top-notch audiobook app to mention in this list.

audiable best audiobook apps

 The library is vast and has around 4000 titles by Indian authors. It also has various genres such as technology, politics, fiction, non-fiction, health and wellness, romance, classic, and a few more. One can anytime listen to the Audible original shows without any cost. 

  • Paid or not?- Audible is a paid application that comes with a 30-day free trial and once the trial is over, you need to sign up and have a monthly or yearly subscription to have access to that. If you cancel the membership for any reason, you will be able to have fair access to previously downloaded audiobooks. 
  • Available for?– It is available for both, Android and iOS devices. Other than this, you can also use it on various Amazon products such as echo, echo dot and tap. 

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2- Google Play Books

Another powerhouse of books is the Google Play Books app that comes with millions of ebooks, textbooks, comics, and now audiobooks available in it. They have a feature via which users can resume from where they left because of the fact that it syncs with your Google account.

best free audiobook apps google play

You can also skip, jump ahead or configure the playback speed as per your ease. There’s also an option for a snooze timer as well. 

  • Paid or not?– Google Play Books approach is entirely different when it comes to paying part. It does not have any monthly subscription model. Instead, it works on selling the audiobooks separately. Users can have a preview of the book and can buy them.
  • Available for?– Google Play Books are available for iOS and Android both. And it supports all the devices so you can have them on your smartphones, desktops, tablets and e-readers too.

3- Spotify

Spotify is no new name for any of us. We all have been using this app for ages for listening to the songs. Isn’t it? But do you know that this app also comes with a feature of audiobooks? This app is also eligible to be on the list of best free audiobooks apps.

spotify new audiobook apps

Their library includes fiction, non-fiction, storybooks, romance, biography, sci-fi fantasy, and more. It is a smart choice for every category. 

  • Paid or not?– If you’re a regular user of Spotify, you know that it comes with both, free and paid versions available for all. And the same is with the audiobooks too. Although you can have free access to all the audiobooks in the app, you still can go for the paid version that is ad-free. Other than that, it comes with a 30-day free trial too.
  • Available for?– The app is available for everyone, be it iOS or Android. It works well with most devices as well. 

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Audiobooks is another leading audiobook app that has made a place on this list. It comes with more than 175,000 titles and 200,000 audiobooks in various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, economics, classic literature, business, comedy, drama, horror, action, mystery and many foreign-language titles.

audiobooks app

 All these titles can be streamed online and offline too by downloading them. It comes with a cross-sync feature via which users can pause listening to the book from one device and listen to the same book from where they left to the other device easily.

  • Paid or not?– The app is not free, however, it comes with a 30-day free trial scheme. It has various membership plans starting from as low as $14.95 per month and can be cancelled anytime. 
  • Available for?– The app is available for Android and iOS both and is highly compatible with all the devices. 

5- Kobo 

The last name to mention is Kobo. Although this audiobook app isn’t as famous as others on the list, it comes with a decent amount of 5 million titles in various niches.

kobo free audibook apps subscription

 The UI of Kobo is closely similar to Google Play Books and they also work on the same model. The app comes with the features such as chapter navigation, a time-skip button, playback speed configuration and a snooze timer feature. It also offers a cross-sync feature.

  • Paid or not? – As said above, the app has a similar model as Google Play Books where you can have access to the app for free and is required to make purchases for the audiobook of your choice. Please note that if you’re signing up for the first time, you will get a flat $5 discount on your first eBook.
  • Available for? – Kobo is available for iOS and Android both and is compatible with all the devices. 

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Wrapping up,

These were the 5 best audiobooks apps to listen to in 2022. If you haven’t tried them yet, feel free to try these and listen to your favorite audiobook in your free time. Please comment down and let us know which app do you prefer among the list.

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