Best Offline Android Games 2020

Best Offline Android Games

Video gaming has evolved a lot during past few eras. From Chip-inserting video gaming to whole new level of graphic gaming (play stations). Nowadays android is playing a huge role in enhancing the experience of gaming to a whole new level. Most Of the android games require a continuous internet connection.

These internet consumption games either interrupt your gaming session with lots displeasing ads or only work with internet connections. To give you an extremely hassling-free experience of gaming, We have curated a collection of offline games for Android which may help you to pass through all those tiring long journeys to work and will entertain you in your flights. 

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1. Major Mayhem

Save yourself from the gang attack of the enemies. Major Mayhem is a shooting game with a long single player game. You will be taking a string of bad guys. Rescue your kidnapped girlfriend from the forces of evil guys. Run and gun your way through 45 levels of best graphics, 4 game modes, 20 unique weapons and save the future of your love and the world by tapping into evil sources. 

Download Link :  Play Store 

2. Monument Valley

Dreams can make you reach to places you may never reach. Monument valley makes you slide into a Princess Ida's dream. Help her and Guide her way through beautiful fantastical architectures of monuments .Glide and slide to make her walk through some unfolding optic illusions.  

Download Link  :  Play Store 

3. Infinity Loop

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According to a study, some games can help you to release stress. In this curation infinity loop is an endless relaxing game. Connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections. and some game modes will make to form some disconnections. a number of levels? ENDLESS1 So sit back grab a coffee, push back your recliners and enjoy this relaxing game. Make your brain go on working mode and strategize how to beat it? 

Download Link : Play Store 

4. Limbo

To some people, dark stories attract more than others. Let’s help a brother to find her lost sister in the world of limbo; A place between life and death. the game is a side scrolling platform puzzle solver. The thing makes limbo more fascinating is the black and white background. Solve mysteries and let the boy rescue her sister from those scary creatures and deadly atmosphere. This is a paid app on Android store , but we’re gonna provide you the way to download it for free.  

Download Link : Download Limbo For Free From 9Apps | Download 9Apps from 

5. Plants vs. Zombies 2 

The award-winning hit has hit the top list, but this time in android. With plants being by your side and hilarious zombies coming out of graves to eat your brains. Plants vs Zombies are an action shooting game where you have to win the battle against absurd looking creatures. Where you have to rescue yourself with the help of super plants. Master your own weapons by planting more plants and rescue your brains. Play mini-games and daily events to make you through battle across 11 worlds and earn seed packets to fuel up your plants and get ready to rescue yourself from Dr.Zombos.! 

Download Link : Play Store | Click here to download More games

6. Hitman Go

Run your brain's horses! Another strategic game is on cue! Hitman go is something which challenges your brain to think strategically and that puts your assassination skills to test. Different ways to complete each level, silently or maybe you have to pull your guns out! Make your way through deadliest enemies of different behavior.The thing which makes it stronger is graphics and beautiful architectures. 

Download Link : Play Store | Download this Game for free from 9Apps. 

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