Top 4 Virtual Reality Headset Under Rs. 2500

Best VR set under 2500

This concept is not new-fangled. It is the old VR’s the only thing that has reformed is the availability of smartphones supporting Virtual Reality sets.

What is a virtual reality?

This is a great concept enabling us to watch / enjoy videos in a new flavor. Moreover, the experience is truly amazing.

In a word: It is “Visual treat” to our eyes, which can be seen not explained.

Moreover, this is being the new fashion of enjoying movies and other videos. In addition, there is a high probability that in 2017 almost of all phones would be crafted keeping VR’s concept in consideration.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets under 2,500/-


Which is the cheapest VR set to buy?

Now this one is the best cheap VR set.

Currently, this is the cheapest VR set to experience Virtual reality.

Key features:

  • It has a complete laminated body. and has comfortable nose cushion and everything is adjustable.
  • Compatibility: iOS 5+ and android 4.0.1+ version.
  • All apps are supported to enhance functionality.

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 #2 Procus BRAT VR – Virtual Reality Headset @ 2299 INR /-

This is the #1 best VR at 2500 INR if this is your budget then look no further, this one is the  best!

Procus BRAT VR Headset

Key features:

  • It is completely adjustable.
  • This VR is ideal for enjoying pictures, playing HD Video gaming, watching all variants of 3-D movies.
  • This one will definitely get you the best visual experience.

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#3 ApeCases VR BOX 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses With free hand free With Bluetooth Controller @ 699

Arguably this comes in the best VR set list about keeping user’s reviews into consideration it has mixed reviews yet a good VR box with the hands-free controller connected via bluetooth.

ApeCases Virtual Reality Glasses

Key features:

  • It is durable and Compatible.
  • Anti-dust design and strong robust build.
  • Cons: Not supporting Google cardboard App.

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#4 JT VR box with a controller. (At 490 INR /-)

Basically, this one is quite adjustable and easy to use.

JT VR BOX Glasses

Key features:

  • It has a slider to hold on the gadget, and it is easy to use.
  • Adjustable straps which are made up of good quality.
  • Elegant design that goes well.
  • In a sentence: Easy to use!

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This product is also highly recommended and you must have a look, you might be interested in this one.

Buy now 3D glasses @ 125 INR /-


This was the best VR set’s for anyone out there, I truly hope you get the excepted performance with these amazing available options. I made my best to get you the best of best VR sets + controller and I guess you have ordered one.

This virtual reality set will give a theatrical experience and once you get it please do not forget to share your experience with us over the comment secession, that would add value to this article.

Happy shopping!

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