Top 5 Websites To Learn Web Development Free From Scratch in 2020

Best Websites For Learning Web Development: Web Development Courses is popular among most of the courses. It is easy for learning and even you can earn money by doing freelancing.

There are numerous jobs available in the market. It takes less time duration to learn and the most important things it is quite interesting.

Best Websites For Learning Web Development

The most common problem is lack of best resources for web designing.

There are thousands of resources and tutorials on web development but they are not relevant. Few web development tutorials are paid and few of them are quite costly.

Here in this post, I will share some best of free web development tutorials. You might be searching for the best web development course and here is the end of your search. Now start learning in a proper manner.

Codecademy (Go here)

Best Websites For Learning Web Development

Codecademy is the best of all. With an abundance resources, it will guide you the path of learning. You can learn from scratch. Although it has pro plan where you will get other benefits.

Once you signup, you will get 7 days free trial. You can learn programme, web development etc. At the time of installation, they will ask some questions and on the basis of questions, they will assign a path and course to you. It has own IDE, so no need to install another.

The pricing is cheaper than other paid courses. If you don’t want to pay then you go with a free account.

Khan Academy (Go Here)

Best Websites For Learning Web Development

Khan Academy is also delivered quite awesome contents. Here you can learn from scratch and for free. No need to pay a single penny. It is a non-profit organization which provides tutorials for us.

It has very interactive courses. Not only programming also it provides you maths tutorial, science tutorial etc. It is also a good place to learn coding and programming.

The website provides you best learning resources for web development. It has front-end as well as backend tutorials. (Go Here)

Best Websites For Learning Web Development

Many of you aware of this website. It is one of the popular and most favorite websites among learner. No need to install any IDE. It has inbuilt IDE and you can practice on it. Every code has an example.

You can understand easily by the examples. The best thing about the w3schools is that it provides certificate also. The website is simple and responsive. You can even learn on your mobile.

Many other websites give reference to w3schools. The topics are arranged in sequence It is the best and most trusted website to learn web designing. (Go Here)

Best Websites For Learning Web Development

It is another good website that guides you in a very well manner. All the topic are arranged in a sequential manner. From front-end to back-end every single topic is explained with an example.

No need to install an IDE. It has own IDE and you can build projects on . It is free to use this platform. They also provide you a certificate.

You can learn from scratch. It is easy to learn.

Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

Best Websites For Learning Web Development

It is open source and free to access. You can learn from Mozilla Developer Networks for free. It provides best tutorials, reference, and developer guides.  Learn web development from MDN. It provides the full course including front-end and back-end.

How To Start Learning?

Resources is not enough for learning. You need self-motivation to learn all these programming languages. Web development is not as much easy as you think. We can say the front-end is easy to learn but when you start learning the back-end you will feel the real programming. Programming is not limited to learn codes you have to learn to develop logic also

  1. Choose any one website from the above list.
  2. Follow the instructions given on that particular website.
  3. Try to learn every day and don’t skip any lecture.
  4. Try to implement all the things from yourself.


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