BHIM UPI App Cashback Offer : Earn More than Rs 750

Bhim UPI offer: Hey Guys after so many UPI Offers Gov Of India also Launched UPI Offer for their Official BHIM  app where You Get Rs 51 Cash Back in your Bank account By sending Rs 1 first time to any Existing BHIM User. This is Really Good Offer if You still not using BHIM App .

BHIM Is really Good app for sending and receiving Money Instantly without going bank or do any Complex thing it will be done in few second only.

What can I do with BHIM?

BHIM App by Modi

BHIM works on Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which is a revolutionary payments platform. The features of BHIM are as follows:-

  • • Access all bank accounts in one app
  • • Pay to friends & relatives using their mobile number. (Provided they are on BHIM/UPI)
  • • Pay to any user using any UPI application.
  • • Shop online and checkout using “Pay by UPI/BHIM” for a quick and seamless experience.
  • • Request money from any UPI user.
  • • Scan a QR and pay on the fly.
  • Check account balance and pay via Aadhaar number.

Offer 1: What was Rs 51 Cash Back offer:

To Give More strength to BHIM App NPCIL running 51 Cash back offer where first time BHIM user Get Rs 51 cash back for this you have to download BHIM app and Link your Bank account and Send Rs 1 To any BHIM Existing user then You automatically Get 51 cash back in Your bank account.

Steps To get Rs 51 cash back By Sending Rs 1 On BHIM APP:

  • First of all Download BHIM APP
  • Now Open it and Choose SIM Slot on which you want activate BHIM App.
    (Choose those number only which are connected in bank account)
  • Now Select Your Bank from which you want send money.
  • It will Verify automatically and ask you to enter Debit card details to verify it.
  • Now create UPI PIN like ATM Pin to send fund.
  • Now You have successfully Registered on UPI APP.
  • To receive 51 Cash back Now send Rs 1 to any BHIM user.
  • To do this Go to send and Select any BHIM UPI address (Ex: [email protected]) and Proceed.
    how to use bhim app to pay
  • Now send Rs 1 Only to that address which ending with extension UPI.
  • As you enter UPI Pin you successful send Rs 1 from your Bank.
  • Bingo! You receive Your Rs 51 cash back in same bank account very soon.

Proof of this offer:

Join BHIM UPI App & Get Rs 51 Cash Back By sending Rs 1 Only

Important Points:

  1. This offer is Offical by BHIM App.
  2. For official announcement check here
  3. You have to send Rs 1 Only first time to get cash back.
  4. This offer is Only for 1st time BHIM User.
  5. It takes 5 days to receive cashback.


Offer 2: BHIM Cashback Offer

(All users- Earn Rs 25 and up to Rs 500)

Here is another cashback offer on BHIM App. Now get Rs 25 on every transaction and earn up to Rs 500. This offer is valid for all users and the even old user can avail this offer.The minimum transaction is must be Rs 100.Here are the steps that you just need to follow:

  • Open your BHIM app.
  • Send money via VPA/UPI ID, Account Number, Mobile Number.
  • You need to send Rs 100 or more. Must send a minimum of Rs 100.
  • Done!!… You will get Rs 25 for every transaction of Rs 100.
  • You can earn up to Rs 500 per month. So send money to your friends.

Offer 3: BHIM Cashback Offer

(All users- Earn Rs 250)

Here in this offer, you can earn on the transaction. The more transaction you will do, the more you will earn.It is based on the number of the transaction.

  • Open BHIM app.
  • Send money via VPA/UPI ID, Account Number, Mobile Number.
  • Send a minimum of Rs 10 to avail this offer.
  • Here are the details of Earning.


For 25-50 Number of Transactions –You Will Earn Rs.100 Cashback 

For 50-100 Number of Transactions –You Will Earn Rs.200 Cashback 

For More Than 100 Number of Transactions –You Will Earn Rs.250 Cashback


  • The offer is valid for all users.
  • You earn per month. So use BHIM.

Note: It takes 5 or more days to receive cashback.


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