Bonk Be Live – The Best Broadcasting App of All Time For Android And iOS With AR And 3D Gifts Feature

Bonk Be Live is spreading like a revolution on the internet. The app has gone immensely popular in no time. One of the biggest news that is coming from the centre is that the hardcore marketer & promoter – Greg Gifford had joined Bonk Be Live’s team and has pledged to take this app to the top within few months under the contract ‘Imagically’. Before we discuss anything further, let us first get acquainted with the app.

What’s Bonk Be Live all about?

You might be lacking behind the present generation if you haven’t installed the Bonk Be Live app on your device. It is the all new broadcasting app developed by Boink Live Streaming Limited. You can easily broadcast yourself with just a click of a button and reach millions of people around the globe. If you believed that the apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were revolutionary then what will you call Bonk Be Live.

It is the app far away from your imagination. The well-coded AR and a powerful UI is well integrated with the app. It is easy to navigate through the app. You can reach millions of fan and connect to different people around the globe using this stunning application. Bonk Be Live is expanding with an aim to become the leading app in the live streaming world and gain a stable audience base.

Imagically – What’s the New Contract?

Imagically is a contract for 30 million users, USD 25 million in-capitals, and the leading marketer Greg Gifford, who has been announced as the EVP of the Corporate Development (US Operations). Under this contract, Greg will bring new users to the app focusing on ‘Subscriber Recruitment’.

The person with a number of abilities will surely take the app to the top in live streaming industry in just few months. Around 1 million US dollar follow on capital is given for the marketing purpose. We might see Bonk Be Live topping the charts in coming years.

How Bonk Be Live is different from its Competitors?

Bonk Be Live has studied its competitors well with eagle-eyes. They have carefully examine every feature of the competitor apps and have refined them in a better way in their app. Moreover, a number of new features have been added to the application that even their competitors can’t imagine. Bonk Be Live differs from its competitors in following ways:

  • Bonk Be Live has worked well to make its interface a bit trendy soothing the modern day youth.
  • The in-app purchases and gifts are cheaper than its competitors.
  • They have gamified the app completely. The users can play games to earn coins or diamonds.
  • The augmented reality integrated to the app brings some of the most exciting features like screen drawing, stickers on stream and various others.
  • It can be turned to a social app for sharing music, sharing videos, messaging, connecting with friends, and doing other activities you can do on any other social app.

How Bonk Be Live is the Ideal App for Broadcasters & Advertisers?

Each and every Bonkified broadcaster is presented with an opportunity to earn money by playing/reading the advertisements during their stream. He/she can make $50 for reading and advertisement of 30/60 seconds. The money can be redeemed using the Bonk card backed by MasterCard or can be transferred to your PayPal account.

The advertisers can now ditch the traditional advertising methods and get better conversion rates through Bonk Be Live’s call-to-action advertising. The broadcaster creates a call-to-action appealing the audience to have a go at your products/services. This brings a better conversion rate and generates more leads. Moreover, it is cost effective way of advertising.

What’s coming in the Next Update?

Bonk Be Live team is constantly updating the app and they have plans to add several other features in the next update. Some of them are:

  • Integrating Bonk Be Live with YouTube Channel and Facebook.
  • Adding more augmented reality features and improve the graphics & sound quality.
  • Adding games to the app to help the users earn extra coins for making in-app purchases.
  • Inviting friends to the video streams and many more.
The Final Thoughts

Bonk Be Live is definitely by far the best broadcasting apps that you will ever come across. It is the win-win application for both the broadcasters and the advertisers. It is available for Android as well as iOS devices. Download it now and start streaming yourself online to become a superstar gaining worldwide followers.

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