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BSNL BBM UDP Trick With Secret Ports [OPENLY POSTED]

BSNL BBM UDP Trick is started working again with some secret UDP ports in many states.If you are old member of our site than you must remember that BBM tricks are best UDP trick ever came in market but few months back it was blocked on airtel,TATA Docomo and Bsnl,But after many attempts we are able to tweak some secret UDP ports in Bsnl with BBM pack.We have personally tested this Trick in Maharashtra and it should be working in south state including Rajasthan. So At end of this year this enjoy high-speed free internet at Full 3G speed.

Features Of BSNL BBM UDP Trick

  • 3G speed.
  • Worked with BBM pack Only.
  • Based on New Secret UDP ports.
  • Torrent supported.
  • BSNL BBM UDP Trick Support Unlimited Download.


These all trick will work via apn- well first you have activate bsnl bbm plan on your sim. note- you should have 128k bsnl 3g sim (recommend) but you could also try with any bsnl sim in which 3g is activated. mainly we sugest you two bbm plans 

1 . 7 days 97 rs bbm plan (first try this )

2. 30 days 303 rs bbm plan

You could activate these plans by going to retailer shops ,as there is no way to activate bb plans using msgs. You could also recharge bb packs via going to bsnl official online recharge through net banking or debit/credits cards. or sites like

NOTE: These prices are for Maharashtra bbm pack it may be slightly different in every state or may be same so before recharge just confirm with shopkepper.
bbm plan could be activated on any phone.

Now once bbm pack is activated on your Sim try to connect with apn-  

Try to connect 4-5 times until it get connected.

Now when connected its means now your bbm plan is activated .

  • Try this first trick at low balance.(1-3rs) 
  • Just connect to 
  • and start surfing and downloading like paid net your balance will not deduct . 

NOTE- This method is working in only some state only.
If your balance deduct then follow are second trick.

Now search open udp ports via pd proxy.

1. first connect with apn-

2. now in pd proxy ,open protocol in advance settings option and set udp port to 0 and lport to 0/53/52 (one by one) and save your work.

3. now set protocol to udp, and connect pd proxy

4. now enjoy high speed internet with bsnl bbm.

You can also try in Hotspot Shield-

Now after downloading this software just install it and run it as administrator connect with apn and than this software it will get connected in 30s or 40s.

NOTE- This software support direct settings suppose if some port is open with lport settings than here is nmd vpn configs.with lport 53 and 52 but it may be 1194 alos ,so u could also edit it yourself.



  • Put it in nmd config folder
  • run ndm as admin
  • connect with
  • and than nmd vpn config.
  • and enjoy high-speed internet.
If you face auth. failed error then just visit and copy pass from there to haywire.txt and save ur work.
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