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Call recording is when you use your smartphone to record your discussions while on the phone with someone. On their mobile phones, every sensible person retains call recordings. Because they can utilize call recording applications to keep track of the fraud. You have no idea when you’ll need the call recorder. It can happen anytime. 

Accordingly, you must know about Call Recording apps in India to prepare for unpredictable future occurrences. Consequently, just for safety or to be aware of the corruption, businesses are maintaining adequate phone talk recordings of their conversation with their clients. In addition, it assures them of their uncertain fate.

Well, coming to the main point and introducing the Best 10 free call recordings apps.

Best Call Recording App Download

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Following are the top 10 call recorder apps with a minimum of 1,00,000+ downloads with satisfactory ratings. 

S.No.Call Recording AppDownload
1TruecallerAPK | iOS
2Bold Beast Call RecorderAPK | iOS
3TapeAcall ProAPK | iOS
4Voice Recorder ProAPK | iOS
5HD Auto Call RecorderAPK | iOS
6Automatic Call Recorder ProAPK | iOS
7MSpy Call Recording AppAPK | iOS
8Call Recorder- Cube ACRAPK | iOS
9Rev Call RecorderAPK | iOS
10Super Call RecorderAPK | iOS
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1) Truecaller

Truecaller is a prominent app and doesn’t need anything to introduce itself. It is considered one of the best and safest call recording apps that are exclusively made in India. Earlier, this app had no feature of call recording.

free phone call recording app
call recorder apk

In the previous year, this feature was launched and allowed people to record calls free of cost. As a result, this free phone call recording app is #1.


  • Quickly detects spam calls.
  • Eliminates Robocall recordings by self.
  • Handily accessible 


  • Doesn’t support 3G connections.
  • Profile visitors show only after a pro subscription.

2) Bold Beast Call Recorder

Bold Beast Call Recorder is one of the most remarkable apps which runs fluently on both android and iPhone. Bold beast call recorder android 11 provides you with two choices, whether to go with a “manually call recording” option in which you have to start recording.

best call recording app for android

On the other hand, to go with the “automatically call recording” choice under which, you don’t need to start or end recordings. Thus, you can automate boldbeast recorder pro after a pro subscription only.


  • Supports every operating system.
  • Automation allowed
  • Runs without any flaw.


  • Automation is available only for pro users.
  • Huge file size

3) TapeAcall Pro

TapeAcall Pro is one of the easily feasible apps available in both ways, free and paid. It’s up to the user how they want to use it. The reason why most people prefer the pro version is that the user can record a finite number of calls.

call recording app for android
best call recording app

From incoming to outgoing calls, everything is possible to record on the tapeacall pro apk.  


  • No monthly or annual fees.
  • Best Offline call recording app
  • Excellent user interface
  • Best Tapeacall pro for android


  • Finite call records
  • Portable file size

4) Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro app is an absolutely free call recording app available in almost every operating system of mobile phones. Further, the voice recorder is a fantastic app that you can experience.

auto call recorder
call recording app

It is beautifully designed for high-quality recordings. Besides that, the voice recorder app has a live audio spectrum analyzer too. 


  • Safe and secure
  • Detects security issues
  • 4 Various Audio Formats
  • Featuring Auto Start Recording 


  • Available on google play store only.
  • Complicated user interface

5) HD Auto Call Recorder

HD Auto Call Recorder is one of the best call recording app that was launched in 2022, which is easy to use and has a perfect sound quality. More interestingly, password protection of each call facility is also available. 

jio call recording app
call recorder android

Also, This app deletes extra recorded audiotapes after some time when it gets old. Thus, one of the best call recording apps for android 11. 


  • Keep essential records only.
  • Assured quality sound
  • Advanced features


  • Delete calls 
  • Sometimes bugs may occur

6) Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic Call Recorder Pro apk is a thoroughly optimized app with a smooth & better interface. It allows users to record phone calls automatically by barely accomplishing a setting.

free call recorder for iphone
call recording in iphone

Moreover, according to your requirements, you can change the outstanding features’ settings. Lastly, listen to the quality recorded calls on the built-in audio player. 


  • Compatible with Android Devices
  • Sharing is allowed
  • Great and exciting features


  • Only Android friendly
  • It may be improved in terms of Ads

7) MSpy Call Recording App

MSpy Call Recording App is a wonderful international app that claims to keep all the private call recordings of this app users safe. Further, this app informs you if an unspecified activity happens on your account. Clearly, if the app is blessing you with many features, then it must be a premium app.

record phone call iphone
phone call recording app

So, Yes! It charges $1 to use this app for recording calls for a day. However, the mspy call recorder apk download process is quite simple.


  • Trustworthy app
  • Complete Security and support. 
  • Internationally followed app.


  • High cost for mspy subscription 
  • Paid app

8) Call Recorder- Cube ACR

Call Recorder-Cube ACR is an android app that can be downloaded from the play store. This is contemplated as an intelligent call recorder because it records simple phone calls and can also record WhatsApp calls, messenger calls, Instagram calls, and several supplements, which is one of the best qualities of this app.

cube acr
whatsapp call recorder

One of the best free call recording apps for android in India with features impossible to present in others.


  • Stable and reliable
  • Clear and loud recording quality
  • Supports many apps


  • For android only
  • Consumes high data

9) Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder app is designed for iPhone users only as it is only available on iOS only. This app is super unique and built with state-of-the-art technology. If you record your voice with a noisy background, it will automatically renovate it into a clear and crisp sound.

rev call recorder
best call recorder for android

This app is specially made for individuals, including businesses. Thus, the rev call recorder app is the best call recording app for business.


  • Unlimited recordings
  • High audio quality.
  • Remove background noise.


  • Significant issues with paid Ads
  • Only for iPhone/ Apple/ iOS.

10) Super Call Recorder

Super Call Recorder App is a dominant app for recording sound quality. Dark Mode feature is also available on the super call recorder apk. Its Yearly subscription is less expensive with a free trial period for using it.

Super Call Recorder
Super Call Recorder APK

Additionally, It also allows you to share the recorded calls in mp3 format only. 


  • No per-minute fees
  • Makes automatic playlists 
  • Backup available 


  • Decent App
  • Accessibility difficulty


After knowing about these top 10 best free call recording apps for Android & iPhone in India, indeed, you all would have a query. And it is that, Are these apps safe? Reasonably, Yes! They all are chosen with awareness, and all apps are extremely careful. 

To conclude, the call recording app download process is straightforward. Mainly these apps are available on Google Play Store. So download this call recorder app now and get a fraud-free life. Don’t worry just have these best call recordings apps of India.

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