How To Change JioFi Password (1 minute)

Technology has brought a lot of changes in our lives and in today’s time, it is almost impossible for us to live without technology because we use technology in whatever work we do from morning to evening.

Since today, we are connected to this world. Jio played an important role in advancing Internet Technology in India.

Change JioFi Password
Change JioFi Password

To make your home a Wi-Fi Pro, first you had to increase the broadband connection or if you had any other option, then it would have reduced the speed, but after the arrival of Jio, all these problems ended, today you will get a JioFi with the help of a device, you can use WiFi in your entire house.

JioFi is a hotspot device offered by Reliance Jio for high-speed wireless connections. Users can connect laptops, smartphones, TV, and other devices with it. With this, users can also share internet connections among themselves.

However, sharing the connection among more users affects internet speed. Therefore, it is protected from the access of unwanted users.

For this, it should be password protected.

By doing this, your device will also be protected from hackers and cyber criminals.

It is also very important to change your Wi-Fi password from time to time. For this, you need a device connected via USB cable to a JioFi device and also have a login ID and password for the configuration portal.

If you do not know how to change the password then we are going to tell you a simple way.

Steps To Change Jio FIi Password :

  • 1. Connect your laptop or smartphone to JioFi
  • 2. Open Google Chrome or any other browser and go to URL: http://jiofi.local.html or
  • 3. Tap on the login button from the top-right corner of the portal page.
  • 4. Go to settings and select Wi-Fi settings.
  • 5. Here you will get the option to change the Wi-Fi password and JioFi Name(SSID).
    So enter your password and SSID(If you want to change). Click ‘Save’ to change.

NOTE: After successfully saving the new password and SSID, all connected devices will get disconnected automatically. Now you have to use a new password to connect them all.

STEP BY STEP METHOD (You can do this in your phone too)

Resetting JioFi is an easy task ! Here are the step explained.

1. After connecting your smartphones or laptops with JioFi, open this URL http://jiofi.local.html where you will get some screen like this where you have to login by clicking.

Jio Fi Admin Console
Jio Fi Admin Console

2. You will get to ‘Jio Web Admin Page’. You have to log in here using the username(administrator) and enter the password.

Jio Fi Login Page
Jio Fi Login Page

3. After successfully logging in, you will open the dashboard of JioFi to click on the setting and click on the ‘Wi-Fi configuration’ button to change the password, after which you will have some such dashboard in front of you.

Jio FI Wi-Fi Configuration

4. Enter the new password and select ‘save’. Now you can easily log in using the new password.

Change JioFi Password tutorial
Change JioFi Password tutorial

This will restart your JioFi and your internet will be disconnected from your device.

You will have to reconnect your JioFi with a new password which you reset recently. This process may take a few minutes.

JioFi is a very good device for using the internet, you can take it anywhere, along with you can use Wi-Fi in your entire house.

You get a lot of features in JioFi, some of which you learned about this important feature in this blog post.

Here you learned how to change the password of JioFi. I hope this was well understood. If you have any query feel free to connect us.

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