Now, You Can Check Your Blood Pressure Through Your Smartphone!

Hello, readers, earticleblog is back and today we have brought an interesting topic for you guys. Do you know sphygmomanometer? It is a thing used by doctors to measure the Blood Pressure of the patients.  It is important for the doctors to have it on their table. If the person's Blood Pressure is too high or too low, there is a risk of having heart problems. So, the good news is that the researchers have brought a New Sensor through which you will be able to check your Blood Pressure on your smartphone device. So, let us learn how to do it and all the things in details.

The researchers and those of Indian-origin have brought a new smartphone app which helps to measure the blood pressure. A team from Michigan State University in the US, also found a more convenient measurement point. Anand Chandrasekhar, a doctoral student at MSU said, "We targeted a different artery, the transverse palmer arch artery at the fingertip, to give us better control of the measurement."

A Sphygmomanometer, a thing to measure Blood Pressure gives result in a different way. You can find Sphygmomanometer in any healthcare setting. Very few people have this thing at home. If your Blood Pressure is High then you are at a risk of having a stroke or heart attack. There are many people who want to check their BP at home and don't want to visit the doctor. But they have to visit as they don't know how to use Sphygmomanometer.

Even you think your Blood Pressure is OK, visit the doctor and do check up. As per the CDC, in America, there is one in three adults have high blood pressure which is called hypertension, but these don't even know they are having high BP.

New Sensor Lets You Monitor Blood Pressure With Your Smartphone

In a newspaper, they have published that a team of researchers from Michigan State University and the University of Maryland brought a new tool which will help to monitor your Blood pressure at home. The researchers have developed a sensor which turns a smartphone into a device which can check a person's blood pressure.

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They just needed a thing which can measure a person's BP in the easiest way. They have used an optical tool which is not very expensive. An optical tool and a transducer which can detect the changes in BP and then converts it into an electric signal. Then the team was able to get a 3D print sensor, which can work with a smartphone.

How To Check Blood Pressure With Smartphone?

It is very easy to check the BP through the smartphone. The user has to apply the finger to the sensor. It will detect the components physically and their blood pressure. To get the output it will be explained by an algorithm.

New Sensor Lets You Monitor Blood Pressure With Your Smartphone

The sensor of the team and the smartphone app accompanies it. This sensor will definitely help the patients to keep an eye on their blood pressure. But make sure you also go to a medical doctor which also should check your BP. You got this app doesn't mean that you should stop going to the doctor.

So, for now, we have to wait for sometime to get the sensor in our devices, till then go visit a doctor and check your BP. Once you get the sensor you can easily check your BP in your Smartphone.

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