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 Learn programming offline

This might be the best resource of learning Programming, Networking, and Telecom Technology I’m sharing with you. Well, through this you can learn many interesting computer technologies, programming languages with examples. It’s really worthy for you, so let’s review and download it.

I’m sure you guys have definitely got this question in your head, well it’s complete offline site of Tutorials Point and W3schools. Tutorials Point is one of the best site to learn Programming, Networking, Telecom Technology and many more interesting stuffs! but the problem is we require an internet connection to connect to live site, so somehow i obtained it’s complete offline site with thousands of Programming and Networking tutorials that is really very worthy for geeks! 100% Pure Technological Useful Resource ever.

And I’m pretty sure you know what is W3schools, well it’s an another biggest online programming school but same you’ll require an internet connection to read tutorials and learn. But if you don’t want to waste your internet and keep complete site every-time in your pocket or home. So i guess there won’t be better idea than this.

You can learn following Programming languages through this :

Web Programming : HTML, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, PHP, Advance Scripting, ASP.NET, Apache Server Handling, RSS, Perl, XML, DHTML, XHTML, JSP, SQL, MySQL, Web Technology and Services etc.

Software Programming & Others : C and C++ Programming, Python, Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, DLL Programming, Perl, JDBC, LDAP, SQL, Prototype, UNIX, UDDI, SOAP, Socket Programming, UML, WSDL, CGI and Perl, Radius, DB Programming, TK, +XML etc

Networking & Telecom Technology : Complete Computer Networking, TCP/IP, HTTP, Internet Protocol, Telecom Technologies like : Wi-fi, i-mode, GPRS, GSM, WAP, WML, WiMAX, Telecom Billing, etc.

There is many more things that are not mentioned but this will be the best resource to learn so much things. No More Googling and Searching Just download and learn everything from one Kit!

How to Download this Complete Kit and Start Learning :

Well it’s really very simple to Download complete it, Just click on below Download button and download it from Google Drive. Note the Size of Complete Kit is 420+ MB but we’ve highly compressed it in just 122 MB Zip file.

 Direct Download Link

Download and Uncompress file – Again you’ll get another two compressed file named with tutorialspoint and w3schools. It is recommended to run w3schools in Apache server to get complete access to offline site and real experience. And Tutorials point doesn’t require any server you can just open its folder and double click on index.html and start learning everything. Please make sure you’ve wamp or XAMPP server to run w3schools offline site because it is programmed in asp so it’s compulsory to have web server for it. If you’re using wamp server the place entire folder into www folder and if you’re using XAMPP server then place entire w3schools folder in htdocs folder.
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    No Download Link??????

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    Cant download why ?

  3. Ahmad Irham says

    where is the download button? please help me, i can’t find it.

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      brother, after entering all details wait for few minutes.. register button automatically visible

  4. masresha y says

    thank you that is very interesting and but asure me that can download offline application to my email.

  5. Deepakrai says

    Hello..Admin I can’t able to download…empty page only opened..plz give me valid link..

  6. Anurag Chatap says

    thanks i need this for downloading site offline .

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