Earn GoCash During IPL & Use 100 % GoCash For Booking

Hey Cricket Fans , Goibibo is Popular Travel Booking Site Offering Promotional GoCash during Mumbai Indians IPL Matches and You can Use this GoCash during Flight and Hotel Booking. You can use 100 % Gocash in Hotel,Flight Booking and also win Free Match Tickets.

GoCash is a wallet cash of Goibibo website like paytm cash which give you many benefits like faster checkout More cash back and many more .It works like simple Currency like Rs and You can use this GoCash to get discount on any Travel Booking on Goibibo website.

What was GoIbibo IPL Cricket Offer:

Goibibo is Offcial partner of Mumbai Indian Cricket Team in IPL Thats why they offering GoCash offer during Each Mumbai Indian Match .When Mumbai Indian Match is Going On You can earn GoCash On each four ,Six , Fifty ,Wickets and Hundreds Runs .

As much as These Run Score By Mumbai You can Get equal amount of Go cash in your Goibibo wallet which you can use to get discount on Ticket or hotel booking on Goibibo.

Below is the amount you’ll earn on each event :

Earn Events goCash Earned
MI Scores 44
MI Scores 66
MI Scores 5050
MI Scores 100100
MI Scores 150150
MI Scores 200200
MI Batsman Scores 5050
MI Batsman Scores 100100
MI Take a Wicket 10
MI Take a Hat-Trick30
MI Wins 100

Step To Get GoCash During Mumbai Indian Match:

Steps is Very Easy First Download Latest Version Of Goibibo App from play store and Open it and make account or Login with Your detail . Now wait For Mumbai Indian Match start and Open your app and keep it open untill Full Match is not ended . As you Open Your Goibibo app you are eligible to get Go cash as they score Runs as mention in above table.

When will I get my earned goCash?

  • The goCash earned by you will be credited before 8 AM on the next day after every Mumbai Indians Match
  • Your goCash will expire at 12 PM (afternoon) on the day of the next Mumbai Indians Match.
  • You can utilise your goCash on Flight, Hotel, Bus or Car Bookings before the next Mumbai Indians Matchday
  • The values are as a percentage to the goCash that a User has.​ ​Eg. If a user has​ ​Rs.600 goCash, he can burn Rs.600 on Domestic Hotels &​ ​Rs.300​ ​goCash on Domestic Flights.
  • goCash will not be applicable on Hotel transactions under​ ​Rs.1200 on base rate (pre-tax) for Domestic Hotels & under Rs.3000 on base rate (pre-tax) for International Hotels.

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How can I win Free Match Tickets?

  • The user must be enrolled in the goCash fest
  • Users who do the highest booking value daily on Goibibo across all platforms will win 2 free match tickets each
    • First 15 Users who book Flight Tickets with the code GOMIFLT will be eligible to win match tickets. Winners will be announced on first come first serve basis per match Know More
    • First 15 Users who book Hotel Tickets with the code GOMIHTL will be eligible to win match tickets. Winners will be announced on first come first serve basis per matchKnow More
    • First 10 Users who refer the App to their friends and family maximum number of times per day will be eligible to win match tickets. The referred user must sign up on Goibibo for the referral to be counted.
  • A user can participate in all of the above 3 methods to increase his chances of winning the ticket
  • Each Winner will be awarded 2 tickets for a match
  • Winners will be announced 2 days before the next Mumbai Indians home match.
  • For more terms visit here



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