[Stopped-Do Not Try]EBay Trick to Convert 220 Coupon Voucher Into Real Cash In Bank

Hello Fellas, Hope You All Enjoying Us Every Moments. Today We’ve Something Special For You In That You Can Convert Your EBay’s 220 Coupon Voucher Into Real Cash In Bank.

This is a Coolest Trick to Convert EBay Discount Coupons Into Real Cash For Free Of Cost. Lets Follow The Steps Carefully and Convert Your Coupons In Real Cash.


¤Steps to Convert EBay Discount Coupons In Real Cash :

• First of All You Must Need to Have EBay Discount Coupon.

Didnt Have ? Dont Worry !! Give a Miss Call 02233598424 And Grab It Asap.

• Now Goto Ebay Seller Center And Login Your Main Ebay Account.

• Add Your Bank Details On Paisa Pay. [ All Your Converted Real Cash Fall On Given Bank Account ]

• Create Any Product Page And Set Price As Rs.221 Or More. [ Recommend You to Create Very Small Product So Now Any Other One Will Buy That Product. i.e OTG Cable, Dvd etc. ]

• Now Goto Ebay.in And Open The Link Of Product Which You Listed From Your Seller Account & Click to Buy It.

• Register a New Account & Enter Any Fake Details.

• Now Apply Coupon Code That You Received By Giving Miss Call & You’ll See That You Got Rs.200 Flat Discount.

• Pay Rest of Amount Using Any of Payment Method. [Recommend Mobikwik Wallet]

Important Step :
-> Login Your Saller Account and Click On Delivered Successful.

-> Login Your Buyer Account [Fake Account] and Click On Received.

• Wait Few Weeks And You’ll Get Your Money In Bank. Usually Takes Upto 15 Days.

Notice : EBay Takes Commission About 13-14% Of Your Product Amount. That Means You’ll Get Rs.195 In Your Bank.

¤Steps to Add Bank Details On Seller Account :

• Goto PaisaPay Registration Page .

• Login Your EBay Seller Account. [Main Account]

• Add Your Valid Bank Details.

• Submit It, Thats It !!

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  1. Pk says

    Awesome trick and buteBay also ask for Courier receipt+Decleartion letter+Proof of Delivery(POD) when u sell something other else your amount will stucked into Paypal Account and if u fail to show this document they will ask for KYC.

  2. Shoutmegadgets says

    Where is delivered successfully option bro

  3. Vishwas says

    Bhai.. ab to aapko pata chal gaya hoga ye trick nahi chalti.. isse delete kardo ya likh do ke nahi chalti.
    simply many ppl will follow ur advice and get their money stuck in ebay

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      extremely sorry for inconvenience caused regretted :(

  4. Vishwas says

    So, can the admin confirm ebay accounts are not blocked?
    i am sure all his accounts are blocked by now and he is fooling other ppl into this ebay scam.
    ebay is only buyer friendly and they dont give a shit about sellers.

  5. Deepak says

    till now how many of u got paid to the bank from this trick including admin?

    1. Vishwas says

      admin wont reply.. his ebay accounts are blocked for sure
      ebay is too smart to let some prick fool them

      1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

        no buddy, little bit smart work needed.. every 1 got their money in banks except 4-5

        1. Vishwas says

          Bhai, kyu bewakoof banate ho. Be proud and accept this doesnt work.
          Ebay veirifies all orders that are delivered. You just cannot give some random shipment details. Their system tracks each delivery.
          Your paisapay account will get blocked and remittance will be on hold. They will ask you to show proof of delivery like courier receipt etc, which can be tracked online. If you cannot show it, the order will get cancelled and buyer money will be refunded.

  6. sahil says

    dude i spend all my time doing this trick and i have 2600 in my account and now i get tensed will it come to my account or not

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      dont worry, ur amount will reflect on bank soon

      1. sahil says

        hope so

  7. sahil says

    i am trying this trick for 3 times…

    all time i got blocked on ebay

  8. Raj patel says

    cbi Ki warning mili hai. . , Mazak nahi hai admin

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      Ok :D one thing i can say that its not a crime at all.

  9. ankit says

    How to add product ?

  10. Viajy kr says

    This is too risky trick.I suggest not to use this trick.I am eBay seller from 2 years.I know how things work at eBay.I also used this trick and ended up account blocking .In another account my account was not blocked but on remittance process date they put my remittance on hold and asked me Proof Of Delivery as my all buyers were new and none of them transacted again from first purchase.Also all were coupon users.So they finally blocked my another account too.So dont waste your money and time on this…if u wish try and see the result….also search google regarding eBay account blocking ans suspension.

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      yes possible but, every1 using that coupon code and lots of products are thier which are repeatedly buying as loot.. what in that cash ? in this case use as much seller id as much coupon u have then no problem

      1. Vijay says

        So what you are basically telling is to create 10 seller account for 10 coupon anf 10 buyer account? I dont think you even know how ebay works or their policies. I doubt you are even a top rated seller or have sold anything on ebay and have started recently. The immaturity of this post says it all. You cannot fool ebay, they just dont allow it.
        If you try this trick you will loose all your money and get banned for life on ebay.
        I would request all people to not think of this as a loot and follow it.

        You are talking about other sellers making money during loot time? They have been sellers even before coupons and people from all india buy from them even without coupons. They have more than 1 listing and sales are spread over time. Not all sold in 1 day. thats why their accounts don’t get flagged.

      2. Vijay says

        Also, when other sellers are selling it all their purchases are from different ip address and different locations all india. How many proxies and vpns can u try? Ebay policies are very strict. Just like buyer protection they have very good seller protection and self protection as well. So stop wasting everyone’s time and money. And for your info, I speak all this with experience. I am a good rated seller and know how ebay works, unlike you who is still an amateur on ebay policies.

        1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

          haha repeat ative own respect :D already sold 5 mobile phones from 5 seller accounts and get paid too :v cant u say me amateur hehe. simply u jealous ..

          1. Vijay says

            5 items and you call yourself an expert? ?

          2. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

            yes obvious :v

  11. hariom says

    Es ka matlab h ki seller phle item eBay walo ko snd karta h fir eBay wale apn ko snd karte h to fir ye trick kese kam kre gi

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      aisa nahi hota, seller id me option ata hai item deliver ka wo yes ker do fir 2-3 din bad buyer id se item received kerdo. Thats it

  12. hariom says

    Bhai jab apn koi thing buy karte h to packaging eby ki trf se hoti h

  13. Rohan says

    Its against to ebay policy …They Suspand your seller account if you are self Buyer..

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      yes possible, but very less chance !! nothing to loose alot to gain

      1. Vijay says

        Less chance nahi bhai, 100% guarantee seller account will be suspended.

  14. Rahul says

    Where is delivered successfully option

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      in seller account

      1. Rahul says

        Screenshot post kr do

        1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

          we are working on it, please be patience :)

  15. Vishwas says

    Bro, appreciate your efforts. But pls dont post things like this.
    This is fraud, in every possible way.
    Not only you are committing a sin, you are making others commit as well.
    This is nothing less than stealing the money from some one else (in this case, ebay).
    Tricks, tips, deals and loots are fine. This is fraud. Please remove it.

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      nothing wrong buddy, its a loot !! thats why ebay provided this much higher discount coupon ? they knows every thing.

  16. Vicky says

    old one bro

  17. Gaurav says

    I’m still not understanding what to do after logging…
    Help me contact or mail me please…

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      do msg us on fb page, one of our member will help you

  18. Indian cbi gov says

    Remove this article…

    U will be arrested

    1. Indian cbi gov says

      It is first and last warning from gov.

      1. Ebay says

        Gud trick! Its not a fraud at all!

    2. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      nothing illegal haha, kindly tuned to pogo

  19. saurabh says

    buying service error: TUV interruptio error
    shoing error when i try to buy item…
    what is this??

  20. VIJAY says


    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      try after some time

  21. Umesh Datta says

    Don’t try this …account block ho jayega paisa pay ka …

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      dont share rumors..

      1. Viajy kr says

        Its true.I lost 2k rs earlier.Ebay is smart.Its oldest company in eCommerce.(1995 est.)…..

        1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

          smart work, thats all make u a genius

  22. ankul deslan jaat says

    sir ….when I click to buy it now and select netbanking ….page returns on review payment page

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      try any other payment option

  23. deepak says

    bhai paisa pay me detail bhi daalni padti ki kaise ship kiya item …courriers details etc.
    Step 2 – You ship the item and enter shipping details in your PaisaPay account.*

    1. deepak says

      batao bhai usme kya karein

    2. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      fake daldo koi bhi, no issue

      1. Vishwas says

        Fake shipping details dont work with ebay bro. Can you share 1 single screenshot of money received from ebay, if u really ever received it?

  24. gopi kumar says

    yaar mere pass check nhi hai….
    to check no ka details input krna jaruri hai kya?

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      chalega wo, jo mandatory hai wahi dalo detail

  25. Abhishek Kumar says

    Thanks for sharing this trick Abdul. :)

    1. Gaurav says

      How to do it please help me
      Email id gauravparmani3@gmail.com

  26. Rejul RS says

    Great trick :D

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