Extend Validity of your Snapdeal cash by ONE year | Proof Added

Hey earticleblog readers,
Today I am going to share with you an awesome trick to increase the validity of your Snapdeal cash that you have looted through Snapdeal refer option by ONE year
If you don’t know about the refer method see this link
So if you are a regular reader of earticleblog you would be knowing that the snapdeal refer and earn loot has been going on for some weeks now :D
And many of our readers made tens of thousands of rupees from this offer xD
The only problem with the offer is that the SD cash has a validity of just one month :/ which is a really big problem as we need to decide what to buy in one month and it would be a lot better we got more time :D
That’s why I made this post to help you. Using this you can extend the validity by one year. All you need to do is a 2 minute work :D

Steps to Increase validity of SD cash :-

1. Go to snapdeal and login to your account ( using a computer is preferred but you can use mobile also :D  )
2. choose any product that has more price than your SD balance :)
3. Go ahead buy it . Use your SD cash and click on option pay the rest by Cash on delivery
( Use any address but use pin code – 400001 – Mumbai – to get cash on delivery. As they don’t have COD in a lot of pin codes )
4. After completing the order just go to your orders and cancel it :v
5. Give any reason. And choose SD cash as mode of refund :P
6. Your SD cash will be credited instantly and voila it will have validity for ONE full year from today
See proof attached 
That was easy right :v yea it’s a simple trick
Message us on Facebook or comment below if you face any problems. Happy to help you :D
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