Uber Free Ride Code - For New & Old Users

Uber is an online Cab booking service which is famous worldwide. Recently they cam in India with lots of offers and promo codes for free rides. Uber is offering free first ride for new users and you can aso earn upto Rs. 250 per refer. uber cabs tricks. uber rides trick. Here we are sharing Uber Free Ride Code by which you can access free ride worth Rs. 250. uber unlimited rides free. Many of you searches for are first uber rides free or not and if yes then how to get free uber rides so here we are presenting a code using which you will get Free Uber First Ride of Rs. 250.

uber-coupons Free ride offer promo code

All you need to do is simply create a new account on Uber Cab mobile application or website and use Uber free promo code while signup. uber tricks for free rides.

How To Create Uber Account ?

Now many of you searches for how to create uber account without credit card or how to create uber account with paytm then here we are presenting step by step process.

Uber Free Ride of Rs. 250


  • Now enter your name, email address, mobile number { with +91 Code}.
  • You will either be asked to link Paytm account or Cash or credit card details.
  • Do not worry about Credit card details, you can add fake details [ Use Fake Credit Card Details ]
  • Go to www.getcreditcardnumbers.com, copy credit card number and paste in the signup page.
  • In CVV enter any three digit number.
  • In expiry date, put any date like May 2020.
  • Use this Uber Promo Code -


  • Now verify your email and mobile number.

how to create Uber account

Uber Free Ride Promo Code:


Use above promo code while creating account to get free ride of Rs. 250. uber tricks for free rides. uber tricks india. This offer is valid only for first ride and can be utilized only once. uber tricks and tips . uber free rides for existing users. Every time a friend signs up with your invite code, they'll get their first ride free (up to ₹250). uber free ride promo code. Once they've tried Uber, you'll also receive a free ride (up to ₹250), which will be applied to your account automatically.

Uber Referral Trick:

  • Clear data of Uber app from Settings - > Manage Application.
  • Open Donkey Gaurd App.
  • Scroll down to Uber app.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Now click on Location Tab.
  • Click on little arrow button of 1st 3rd and 4th option.
  • Click on pencil button of 2nd option and select Random and click on Save.
  • Now click back button once and click on Identity tab.
  • Change all value same as above.
  • Finally come back and click on Save icon [upper right corner].
  • Now open Uber app and use your own invite code to create new account.

Advantages of using Uber over Ola cabs:

  • Uber is providing Rs. 250 per referral while Ola is giving only Rs. 100
  • Uber charges Rs. 8 / Km and Ola charges Rs. 12 / Km
  • Uber is strict in Driver review. If you give less review star to Driver then they get warning and also gets removed sometimes, while Ola doesn't take any strict action against such drivers.
  • Uber Cabs are more comfortable than Ola Cabs.

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