Free Unlimited Conferencing Calling with private room in India

Hello friends, as we promise we giving you conferencing calling trick.
So we giving you a new free Unlimited Conferencing Trick Where You Can Create and Choose Unlimited Conference Ids on your own or 
Create a Single Conference Id and use it for Lifetime and found by me by alone today evening only.

Don’t worry it will not ban , so as promised , I am openly posting it in full details.The Main Thing is that you can choose your Conference Passcode & Host Id as per your wish…WOW !! It’s Really Amazing Na ?

First Sign Up By Filling Up This Small Form

Use any E-Mail Domains like Gmail , Yopmail , Yahoo Mail , etc .Set Time Zone to UTC 
Select any preferred Conference Passcode.
Host ID you want to keep or leave it blank for getting Random Ids and select any Portal Username Password and click on Submit.
After this , right on your screen , you will get three things including number and codes and you don’t need to check your E-Mail Inbox to get those codes.

For your full detailed clearance , I am giving an Example like if you get this on your screen :

Your Conference AccessNumber:1-218-548-8235 
Your Conference Passcode:756321
Your Host ID: 799448
You now need to dial a toll-free number :0008000016562 , 
then Enter 9+Your Conference Access Number+#.
In above case , 
you will dial , 912185488235# , 
then you will be asked to enter your conference passcode , 
here you will enter 756321#
 if you are a non-host and 756321*799448#
 if you are a Host , i.e., Enter Host Code after * and then #.

Enjoy your own chosen Conference Passcodes and Host Ids.
Each Single Id is Unlimited with No Limits at all , so no need to create a number of IDs.

Keep the Host ID with yourself and share only the Conference Passcode with others.
Here are the other controls of this great conference

Caller Count – *2 key (Host only) Allows the host to get account of how many callers are on the call.
Exit Conference – *3 key Exits the conference call(disconnect). Instructions – *4 key Plays a menu of touch tone commands. Conference Modes – *5 key(Host only)
The default mode is open conversation (you can change the default mode in your Portal). 
Pressing the *5 key will switch the mode.

We are hoping this unlimited free calling trick helped you to hang out and chat with your friends over voice call. Shar this with your friends and enjoy.

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