FreeCharge Trick To Get Rs 50 Discount Promo Code @ Re 1 | Rs.300 in Just Rs.54

All we that FreeCharge is offering Rs 50 discount coupon for recharging prepaid number with Rs 50 or more.

And one can avail this offer 5 times per
card. So if you want to get 5 FreeCharge discount Promo Codes, then you need to spend (50×5)=250

But we have a trick by which you can get 5 coupns or can recharge with Rs 300+ @ Rs 54 only. So now hurry & loot FreeCharge.
==> Trick to Get FreeCharge Promo Codes :

  • Open FreeCharge app & recharge your prepaid mobile with Rs 50 using Credit / Debit card

  • Your Rs 50 recharge will be successfully done & you will get Rs 50 discount code on the recharged

  • Now it’s the trick time. Follow it carefully 

  • Now again go for a recharge for Rs 50

  • On the next page, select any Re 1 coupon from Coupon Page & make your payable amount Rs 51

  • Proceed to next & apply your Rs 50 discount promo code (got from previous transaction)

  • Now your payable amount will be Re 1 only

  • Pay the amount through using same credit / debit card

  • Your recharge will be done & you will get FreeCharge FreeFund Code worth Rs 50

  • Just repeat the procedures (Step No. 3 to 8 ) again & again for next all the recharges ( up to 5
times )

In this way, you can get Rs 300+ talktime just
spending Rs 54 only.

Note : Remember to recharge everytime a new (unique) prepaid mobile number which you can
access  as Discount codes will be sent those numbers

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