Freecharge Trick 2022: Use Coupon Multiple Times On Same Device

Freecharge being the top most online recharge portal offers many discount coupons for recharging. Freecharge is highly popular these days due to its easiest user interface.
Freecharge site and applications are also very much secured so we can blindly trust this application.


Freecharge offers many coupon codes every week but we can only use them once due to there device restriction. They secure there coupon code to be used only once per mobile / device. But…

Today I’m gonna share an awesome trick on How To Use Freecharge Coupon Code, Multiple Times On A Same Device.

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Steps To Use Freecharge Coupon Codes Multiple Times:

Trick 1: [Tested & 100% Working]

Suppose Freecharge have offered new coupon which is working only once per device. So to use it again on your device simply do the below given easy steps-
  1. Clear data of Freecharge (Settings->Application manager->Freecharge->Clear data)
  2. Again go to Settings.
  3. Click on Accounts (Scroll Down To Accounts).
  4. Click on Google.
  5. Now click on Ads.
  6. Click on “Reset advertising ID“.
  7. Now click on “Ok” when prompted.
  8. Now login to another Freecharge account and use coupon code again.
Try this offer for testing purpose – Freecharge Coupon: Get Rs. 50 Cashback On Rs. 20 Recharge



What About Debit Card:

For this you need to use Virtual card. Contact bank customer care for the same.

Video Tutorial:

YouTube video
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As all know that freecharge is became intelligent by tracking IMEI no. of users and due to which we cannot use same code again on same device even if we change the id but do below given steps to use coupon again-

1. Take your android mobile which has MTK processor. [Most Important]2. Install MTK Engineering software from Google play store – Download Link.
3. Open MTK Engineer software.
4. Go to MTK Setting -> Connectivity -> Cds information -> Radio information -> Phone 1
5. There you will see a box where AT+ filled up already. You have to enter “p” keyword in that box.

6. Now it will be AT+P and then delete P then u see many option in that select AT+EGMR=1,7,””
7. After selecting it enter your IMEI no in that like this format AT+EGMR=1,7,”911306751014453″ 8. Click on the button below box SEND AT COMMAND.
9. NOW first TURN on the airplane mode and then turn off the airplane mode.
6. Now you will see that your IMEI no is changed.


By this method u can use freecharge unlimited times code again on mobile. Please note that every time use different imei like change the last digit of your IMEI series.

Note: We here by state that these steps are for educational purpose. We are not responsible for your act using this.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to use same card again ?
A. This trick is only for device security. Freecharge have added new security that for a particular coupon (like referral coupon code) you can use it only once per user (device) or per mobile number or per card. Using our trick you will be able to bypass “per user (device)” security.
Q. How to use Virtual Card to recharge again after applying above trick ?
A. Virtual card facility provided by many banks to implement additional security for online transactions. For example we use virtual card on some site to buy some product and later some hacker get details of that card then still he can’t do harm because virtual card validity is only one day or according to your need. So to confirm whether you bank provide this facility contact customer care service. You need to have Net Banking account to create virtual card.

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