Get Full Bandwidth/Speed Of Publicly Shared Internet/WiFi Connection Portal With Netcut

Are you looking a way to increase speed of public sharing WiFi network around you then this article will help you a lot.We are gonna tell you ways from which you can get maximum speed of publicly shared internet .

We have got a tool, which could get you the Full Bandwidth/Speed of any Publicly Shared Internet/WiFi Connection within a network.Confuse,Lets take a small example,You live in a hostel which have 24mbps broadband network connection which is divided in 24 Users,So each student will get 1 mbps speed on average at peak hours but you want all 24mbps on your computer.

Yes it’s possible with the software called Netcut and this is a very small example,You could get even full speed of any cyber cafe/college/airport WiFi network with this amazing software.

Full speed of Publicly Shared Internet

What Is Netcut:Tool to get Full Speed of Publicly shared Internet connection

Basically Netcut, is a network tool which can execute several tasks as list IP-MAC table in seconds, turn off & on network on any computer on your LAN including any device like router or switcher.

Also, It can protect users from ARP SPOOF attacks.

In other words it can cut internet connection of your hostel buddies/neighbours with whom you are sharing your internet.Ultimatly You will getting all bandwidth of Your publicly connected Internet/WiFi connection.

How To Setup Netcut:Tool to get Full Speed of Publicly shared Internet connection

  • First Download this software From Here.
  • Now Install this software and Run it as administrator from Your desktop.
  • Now Click On option “Choice Netcard
Get Full speed oF WiFI connection
  • Now Choose Your Internet/wirelessCard connection and Click OK
  • By doing This You get the IP list of Computer’s/device’s connected to that shared network.
Protect Your system from Sfoof Attacks
  • Now You Just have to “Turn OFF” those IP’s which are Unprotected.
speed of Publicly shared Internet

So all done,What Are Waiting For,Just check your downloading speed and Enjoy it.

Some Points To Remember

  • It’s Just An example,In actually You May see lot of IP’s connected to public internet connection.So You have of Turn OFF of them according to Your need.
  • No one in the network cut off You with ARP spoof technology anymore.So enjoy it Freely.
  • For Wireless connection in Android we suggest you to Use alternative application called wifikill for this task but this application would work on rooted phones only.
  • you can use it on hostels,library,public wifi of airports/malls/mac-d/kfc etc.
  • This version of Software supports upto Windows 7,We have not tested it Windows 8.

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