Get Future Earthquake Alerts On Your Smartphone

This post is dedicated to Nepal & Northern States of India which recently got natural disaster of Earthquake. Major damage occurred in Nepal and many people got seriously injured. Google have launched it People Finder service by which you can search for your relatives. Sadly this Earthquake of 25 April 2015 in Nepal and Northern states of India damaged hundreds of lives and households. If you want to help someone then you can donate your blessings and money to NGOs which are working for cure.

Earthquake Alert! - screenshot
Many of you might be thinking on how to get protected from this kind of future disaster then you can try this Android and iOS application which give early updates for Earthquake. Just install and spread this app in your friend circle and tell them to do the same.
There are two most popular and accurate alert app are – Earthquake Alert for Android smartphone and Earthquake Maps & Alert for iOS phones. It can measure Magnitude 1.0+ from the U.S. and Magnitude 4.5+ earthquakes from all over the World.

This application is based on data collected from USGS (United States Geological Survey).

Features Of Earthquake Alert App:

– Tab between map and list
– Latest quakes in the World.
– Filter what you see.

– Satellite Map view.
– Click quake to view on map.
– Map shows magnitudes.
– View details on USGS site.
– Share to social media.
– Report if you felt it to USGS.
– Choose what you want to load.
– Alerts and Push notifications!
– Download the Alerter App to be more informed!

Download EarthQuake Alert App:

Google People Finder Resource:

You can find your friends / relatives in Nepal using this Google service by typing there name.
Link: http://google.org/personfinder/2015-nepal-earthquake

You can also search by sending sms –

Search is available through SMS in India.

Text “search ” to +919773300000 in India.

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