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Get Rs 100 Free Paytm Wallet Cash By Verifying your Account in Preferred customer (Delhi & Mumbai users Only)

Hello Guys ! You read right Rs 100 Paytm cash for verifying your account By KYC form.KYC form is simply Know your customer form in which you give your identity and address proof physically to paytm and By doing This verification process you became Paytm Preferred Customer and you Became Premium customer of Paytm and your account limits is removed than normal user.By becoming preferred customer as welcome bonus you Get Rs 100 paytm cash plus more benift which i mention below.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Paytm Wallet

Upgrading your Paytm Wallet is the gateway to a host of special features and offers provided by Paytm as well as our partner network. This upgrade ensures that the cash-backs you earn by shopping/ recharging at won’t ever get stuck/delayed because of wallet limits. Say goodbye to notifications like “Wallet transaction limit exceeded”! You deserve a hassle free mobile shopping experience. Thanks to your Paytm Wallet!

If you don’t have an upgraded Paytm Wallet account yet, then you can only do transactions worth Rs. 10,000/- in a month.  Hence it limits the spending capability of your frequent online shopping through your Paytm Wallet.

Your Benefits

1) You get access to a range of fantastic offers from Paytm with attractive Paytm Cash!

2) Faster processing of your Paytm Cash! How cool is that. Get your Paytm Cash super fast as your upgraded wallet limit is extended to receive the amount.

3) Enjoy recharges, bill payments and shopping at Paytm and many other partners like Uber, BookMyShow, Foodpanda, MakeMyTrip and many more for Rs. 1, 00, 000  as it is your monthly Wallet transaction limit!

4) Exclusive access to frequent special offers from Paytm partners like Uber, Foodpanda, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip and many more.

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Steps To Upgrading Paytm Account In Preferred Customer :-

Hope You understand the benefits of Upgrading your paytm account Now i am going to tell you Brief steps how you became a Preferred customer of paytm.

  • First of all Go to the special Preferred customer payment Page :- Paytm KYC Form ]
  • Now Login with your paytm existing account which you want  became preferred customer.
  • Now you see KYC (know your customer) Form is open.
    paytm kyc 1
  • Here you See two options to submit KYC form.
    1:- Visit Our Centre
    2:- Request Pickup
  • Now Choose your Preference if you choose Visit our center and submit you have to go paytm kyc centre and submit Kyc form.
  • If you choose request Pickup then Paytm team come your home and collect KYC form with you.
  • Before You Paytm Team come your home or you Go their Office You need two documents (address proof and identity proof) or supporting documents which is listed below.paytm kyc 2
  • As your KYC process complete You will become Paytm preferred customer and in your account Rs 100 paytm cash is added.
  • One More Thing Currently Rs 100 offer is only Delhi and Mumbai users Only.

Upgrading your Paytm Wallet is one-time effort and once you upgrade it you can enjoy shopping online without any hassle with your simple & incredible Paytm Wallet!

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