EArticleBlog New Year Carnival – Win Free PayTm Cash [Thank you, everyone]

Howdy fellas !! Do you guys have planned something to celebrate this Christmas & New Year? Celebrate Christmas & New year with us, with your loving EArticleBlog. Well we are not sure weather you planned or not but we have planned something excited for you to bring some happiness in your life this festive season. We are running a giveaway for our all users, by participating in you all can win free paytm cash.

Yep we are gifting thousands of paytm cash in this particular giveaway. To roll over “Denomination” situation and to make our digital India “Cashless” we are gifting paytm cash to our precious users. Don’t you think this paytm cash can help you to get out of some serious cash trouble if needed. We have distributed lots of freebies in previous all giveaways and the same will be continued but in this giveaway we decided to distribute paytm cash, just to make our India’s success toward digital India.


Quick Schedule,
1. 29th December @ 9 PM - Guess the Adv [Every 5 Minute]
2. 30th December @ 9 PM - Quiz Time [Every 5 Minute]
3. 31st December @ 8 PM - Bid & Win

Carnival – Day 1

Winners :-

We’ll soon contact you through facebook, Keep checking your facebook messages frequently (Including Spam, Archived & Message Requests)

Carnival – Day 2


When we are going to celebrate?

We have decided to start giveaway on 29th December 2016 and we’ll be running till 31st December 2016. Yes we are running for 3 days & a surprise day which will not disclose at the moment, free amazon vouchers will be gifted on special day. Hold your nerves folks !

How are we going to celebrate?

We have planned something special and excited to celebrate end of the year festive week. Three days three different games to be played in order to win free paytm cash, lets come have a sneak peek of it ;)

1. Starting from THURSDAY – 29th December 2016

**Guess the Advertisement** –  Well the name itself indicates what to do. We’ll post a shot from TV advertisements and simply you have to guess the advertise and comment the name of advertisement.

  • First advertise shot will be posted at 9 PM
  • Every 5 minute, a new shot will be posted
  • Per advertise there is only a winner, who respond fastest & correctly
  • Rs 30 paytm cash will be gifted per adv.
  • Total of 30 advertise shots to be posted
  • A user can win only THRICE during this particular game, for everyone to have a fair chance

2. Next day on FRIDAY – 30th December 2016

**Quiz Time** – You all are well aware with this contest game and i dont think you need an introduction for this. Most user friendly game ever will be live at 9 PM.

  • First quiz will be posted here at sharp 9 PM
  • There will be a total 20 quizzes to be asked at an interval of 5 min
  • Rs 50 paytm cash to be distribute per fastest correct entry
  • A user can win only TWICE during this particular game period, for everyone to have a fair chance

3. Last day on SATURDAY – 31st December 2016


BID HERE (Link will update on contest time)

**Bid2Win** – Few of you may aware of this game, but few may doesn’t so let me clear it for those who don’t know. It is a guess and win type game, where you have to bid a unique number in respective criteria. Check the criteria below,

Range0 to 50 (ZERO to FIFTY) & Upto 1 Decimal (i.e 0.5 , 5.3, 18.6, 25.9, 44.2, 35.8)

  • We’ll provide you a LINK on sharp 8 PM
  • You have to post your unique bid there and submit
  • Winner will be decided on two criteria, 1. Highest Unique Bid 2. Lowest Unique Bid
  • Top 15 Highest Unique bidder & Top 15 Lowest Unique bidder will be selected as winner
  • Rs 30 paytm cash will be gifted to each winner
  • Entries will be accepted for only 2 hours, hence we’ll stop accepting further entries
  • Only one bid is allowed  per user, if we find more than 1 entry on same ip we have rights to disqualify ’em
  • A user can win only ONCE during this particular game, for everyone to have a fair chance

Example – If 10 people’s bids are 0.1 , 0.1 , 5.6 , 29.9 , 30 , 30 , 29.9,  28 , 1.2 and 2.3 then the bids with 28 (highest unique bid) and 1.2 (lowest unique bid) will be declared as winners.

Rules & Guidelines :

  1. Result of contest will be declared on the game day itself, within 2-3 hours after contest ends
  2. For one quiz/clue, max number of winners that will be announced is only one
  3. Once a new question is asked, no entries for the old question will be considered
  4. Make sure that you use a working Email ID & Phone Number while commenting as you will be contacted on that mail ID itself from which you have commented
  5. This is a tentative schedule and prizes. These may change anytime without any prior notice but still we would make sure it doesn’t happen
  6. EArticleBlog Team reserves all rights to modify the terms and conditions and take decisions on its discretion

WhatsApp Broadcast @ 9067949164

  1. Sushant Shekhar says

    Do we have 2 comment here or in fb link today???

  2. Abhishek Kumar says

    In today’s giveaway, we might change giveaway location on Blogger (since it is on Google server)

    so if site goes down, we will redirect this post to that link and we will continue contest there :)

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Secondly we have all facebook comments on EarticleBlog page for yesterday’s contest so you can also verify who commented first. Winners will be announced today and then we will contact you on Facebook for Paytm number ;)

  3. Shashwat says

    Have Patience guys!! Yes!! Running such a site is not so easy !! Even they are trying their best to fix whatever the issue is.

  4. Yash says

    Please have patience guys. Giveaway will be live soon. I am waiting as well.

  5. shibatosh das says

    server problem

  6. prateek says

    9:10pm….still not start and server going down again n again..

  7. Amit says

    more than 9 pm but still not start

  8. Amit says

    more than 9 pm still not started

  9. Yatin Mago says

    Still Not Started

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  12. prateek says

    count down shuru….

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  14. shibatosh das says

    brother if any one uses strong network then he will get the advantage.

  15. NagaMahesh says

    where will you post adv?

  16. ranjan basu says

    lovely concept.

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  18. kalyan says

    /First advertise shot will be posted at 9 PM/

    posted where ?

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      On the same post :) Separate section will be highlighted before 30 mins

  19. Shashwat says

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  20. Amit says

    Waiting eagerly!!!

  21. Shibatosh says

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