HaatBazaarCash.Com : Get Rs 50 On Sign Up + Get Rs 10 Per Refer With 10% Lifetime Commission

HaatBazaarCash is a division and branch of HaatBazaar.Org , HaatBazaarCash (HBC) is an emerging name in online marketing industry. HBC aim at making e commerce as a income generator for a common man along with promoting various retailer to bring the business online to earn maximum profit as well.

HBC is now India’s largest cash back app and website. One can get cash back from his own purchase and also get reward point from every transaction of his team. Their goal is to help their members to save on their regular online purchases at leading Indian and international brands. All you have to do is just visit the retailer through HBC and shop like you normally do. But through HBC you can earn cash back.


I bet you all can make thousands of real money and shopping money by this HBC’s awesome digital marketing launch. You just have to build your team as much bigger as you can. More your team members, more you get commission from ’em all. They get rs 50 on sign up meanwhile you get rs 10 + 10% lifetime commission of their earning. Read the steps below carefully and let get start ;)

HaatBazaarCash android app yet to launch, Tentative date is on or before 1st August. Till Then build your team bigger & bigger :)

Steps to Get Into HaatBazaarCash:


  • Download and Install HaatBazaarCash Android App, Click here
  • Enter sponsor id: 341800
  • Provide your all the details genuinely, Remember that your username will be your referral/sponsor id.
  • That’s it, you’ve created your account successfully.
  • Now you’ve to activate your account, following are the ways to activate a HBC account.


Steps to Activate Your HBC Account ID:

You’ll know, activating of newly made account is necessary to verify user and for further enrollment and engagement. Following are the way to activate your id

Method-1 [Cash Activation]

  • Most reliable and easy way to activate an account.
  • Yes for me this is the easiest way, may be you hesitate little why to pay to activate. You understand  as you move further and read post carefully.
  • Pay rs 250 to company and get the activation key
  • Pheew!! Don’t worry.. You’ll get Rs 500 (50+450) back as cashback once you activate your id.
  • To activate, select “activate id” option and make the payment.
  • Sooner you get activation key either on mobile or email. Use it to activate your id

Benefits of cash activation: You’ll get extra rs 450 haat money, which can be used in purchase at http://haatbazaar.org

Method-2 [Complete Tasks]

  • Guys, you don’t have to pay to activate your id by using this method
  • But this one is bit annoying and time consuming, but as you wish
  • You have to complete tasks shown on app or website
  • Task may be to install some apps or to complete some online survey or to watch some online videos
  • Once you completes the, you’ll get activated and rs 50 will be added to your wallet

Method-3 [Shopping]

  • Another way to activate your account is shopping
  • Purchase some products available at http://haatbazaar.org

So i’ve discussed all three way by which you can activate your HBC account. Once you activate your id, its time to build your team right now. Go ahead fellas…

Ways to Earn Money From HaatBazaarCash:

1. Refer and Earn:


  • Share your username as sponsor id with your friends and family members
  • When they signup with your sponsor id and successfully activates their id by any of above method, you both earn cashback
  • Your friend will get rs 50 haat cash and extra rs 450 haat money (only if your friend activated his/her id with “cash activation” method)
  • You’ll get rs 10 haat cash in your wallet
  • Even everyone who is above the person installing app will get rs 10 [Up to Level 10]
  • Also you’ll earn 10% of earning of your sponsored friend
  • Money you get in wallet can be withdrawn in bank or can be utilized to do shopping

2. Shop and Earn: [Most Important, Bright Future]


  • Income that you have earned through id activation is one time network building income
  • If someone wants to stay in the system to earn regular income, they need to fulfill criteria of a minimum monthly purchase of rs 200 through haatbazaarcash at any eCommerce website like flipkart, amazon, paytm, jabong, myntra and 62 more
  • Whenever you and your team make purchase from these sites, you get some guaranteed cashback
  • An amount of commission for every purchase will be distributed at in 10 levels above the id that is making purchase

Features of HBC

  1. Referral Program
  2. “All in One” Market
  3. Cashback Savings
  4. Easy Withdrawal
  5. Unlimited Level Income
  6. Comparison
  7. Safe & Secure

Income Detail


Contact Info


Any query regarding the post, contact us on whatsapp @ 9067949164

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