1. salman says

    if you are a new user then contact me(9533776120) on whatsapp… i will take a cab ride myself

  2. yuvraj says

    Admin..in my area ..there is no service of ola n uber. What should I do?

  3. niranjan yadav says

    sir can i pay cash 80 to ola diver…pleaase tell me

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      no dear, u have to add money into helpchat first

  4. Saurav says

    Bro not getting option of Uber cab….not showing Uber to me….what to do

    1. Abdul Hannan Shaikh says

      ask them why uber not visible to u.. chat with them in app for quick solution

  5. Sanjay says

    How to add money in help chat please tell me

    1. Karan Veer says

      Simply book ride on payment page while booking a ride pay with your lovable amount.If you book uber you can also pay via paytm.

  6. Charantej says

    One doubt please clarify it..
    When I book the ride then I should pay 80/- then I should get 75% cashback means I should get only 60/- back na ??
    But u said that 140/- ??? Give some clarity please admin

    1. Karan Veer says

      Bro u will get rs 80 of refer amount if you book cab within 3 days of registration

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