1. a says

    if i download stuff on my free trial will i be able to access it without premium?

  2. Ashok says

    I m active the membership.
    But not open page…..
    I m in Singapore in this region is active ahh?
    Can I rely me plz….

  3. Rohit says

    unable to create account it says use authorised card issued.Please give your account details so that sites used can use.we will be very helpful to you.

  4. Lalit singh says

    not working for me… i m try oxygen virtual, icici bank virtual… please help.. 8809590740

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Use Freecharge Virtual card. Worked for me.

  5. Sonu says

    Good work dear, Thanks for share Premium info

    1. Lalit singh says

      kon sa card use kia…

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