Generate JIO Code using Bluestacks on PC + Jio Barcode Download

How to Generate Jio code: Reliance JIO SIM is banging all over the Internet with its incredible offers like free 4g internet data and unlimited free calling and that attracted millions of customers in India. To get JIO SIM, you need to first generate jio barcode to proceed further, but many of you are either not getting the option of Get JIO SIM or you have no idea on how to generate more codes!

Generate Jio Code Using Bluestacks

But wait!!! Why worry when you have your mate Earticleblog in the building ;) In this article, we are sharing the easiest method to generate jio code multiple times using Bluestacks or any rooted device. You can not do this without root so make sure to follow our previous article on How to root any Bluestacks version.

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How to Generate Barcode for JIO SIM?

You can also use this method on your rooted smartphone if you have one and if not then there are tons of step by step video tutorials on how to root your smartphone easily.

To generate barcode for jio sim we have also created a video tutorial for your better understanding.

At the end of the post I have also attached 4 JIO codes which you can download by sharing our article with your friends on social media.

We will update that list every day so as to give everyone opportunity to get free reliance jio sim online.

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Video Tutorial for Generating JIO Code using Bluestacks

So here is the video on how to generate jio multiple barcodes on single smartphone or Bluestacks. Make sure to watch full video for better understanding and do not forget to like and share this video with your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media sites.

YouTube video

English Transcript for Video:

Above video is in the Hindi Language so here is the English Transcript for our non-Hindi speaking homies –

#1: Hey Guys, this is Abhishek from Today I am going to tell you an easy method on how to generate multiple Jio barcodes on Bluestacks with our jio barcode trick.

#2: All you need to have a rooted Bluestacks, for which we have created an article which you can find it in the description below. Moreover, you can also try this method on your rooted smartphones.

#3: So basically you need to 2 applications for this purpose, one is CheatDroid apk and other is MyJio Modded App Apk. Install both of ’em using APK option present on left navigation menu on Bluestacks Interface.

#4: Now open MyJio Modded App and then open CheatDroid. Give root permission to CheatDroid by click on Allow button on the popup window.

#5: Now scroll down to MyJio App listed in CheatDroid Interface and click on it. Then click on DeviceInfo.xml and open first option.

#6: Here you need to change 4 things namely IMEI number, Device ID, MAC address and PhoneType.

#7: I have added IMEI number in the description and on the blog article. You need to copy this and replace XXXX with any random 4 digit number and add the same number under Device ID.

#8: Now change a number in MAC address and change GSM to LTE for PhoneType. Finally, click on Save button and open MyJio Modded App.

#9: On the banner, you will find Get JIO SIM button after 2 seconds of waiting. Click on that and you will be redirected to Offer Details Page. Click on Agree & Get Jio Offer.

#10: Choose you State, City and click on Next until you get on the Barcode Page.

#11: Now you can see the unique generated Jio Barcode. Use this code to get your free JIO sim.

#12: You can perform these steps multiple times for more codes but remember to Force Stop MyJio app every time from Apps under Settings.

Prerequisite For Reliance Jio Code Generation:

  • Rooted Bluestacks or Rooted Smartphone.
  • CheatDroid App Apk & MyJio Modded App Apk.
  • Snipping Tool.

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Steps to Generate JIO Barcode in PC:

Change Imei using CheatDroid
  1. Open Bluestacks and install both CheatDroid Pro Apk & MyJio Modded App Apk.
  2. Now open MyJio Modded App and then open CheatDroid.
  3. Give CheatDroid Root Permission by clicking on Allow.
  4. Under CheatDroid List of Apps, click on MyJio Modded App.
  5. Then single click on DeviceInfo.xml
  6. Now open first option.
  7. Here you need to edit 4 things which are I.M.E.I. number, Device ID, PhoneType and MAC address.
  8. Copy this IMEI number – 35987806049XXXX and replace XXXX with any 4 digit random number
  9. Add the same number for Device ID in between double quotes (” “)
  10. Now change number in MAC address with any different number. Even one number change will work.
  11. In place of GSM in PhoneType change it to LTE
  12. Finally, click on Save button.
  13. Now open MyJio Modded App and wait for the banner to change in 2 seconds.
  14. You will see Get JIO SIM button in the banner. Click on that.
  15. Now you will see the offer screen where you need to click on Agree & Get JIO Offer.
  16. Now choose your State and City and click on Next.
  17. Again click next and on the next page, you will get JIO barcode.

Important Note: Reliance is currently generating 35xxx series of JIO codes so don’t get triggered by same IMEI & barcode because in this trick the main motive is to check whether this Barcode is already redeemed or not. So by filling that we can get assured that this code is not yet used and we can grab this opportunity to get hand on to our free Jio sim.

How to Generate JIO Barcode Multiple Times?

  1. Apply same steps as before from Step 6 to Step 12.
  2. Do not open MyJio app this time.
  3. Go to Settings and click on Apps or Manage Apps.
  4. Click on MyJio App and then click on Force Stop.
  5. Now go back and Apply same steps as before from Step 13 to Step 17.
Reliance JIO Barcode

Now many people are asking about how to generate jio code on iPhone, so all you need to do is follow above tutorial for Bluestacks and get your free jio sim and use it on your iPhone device.

JIO Barcode Download

How to Generate JIO Barcode Online?

  • All you need to do is share this article on as many social media sites (at least 3 different) as you can and take a screenshot and send us on EaticleBlog Facebook Page.
  • We will verify and send you fresh and working JIO barcode to download.
  • If you want in bulk, then send me a special request here, and I will provide you with the best exchange deal.
  • This JIO Code Giveaway will be active until next month.

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I hope you liked the above post on jio sim barcode generator which is a PC Android Emulator named Bluestacks. If you got jio code redeemed then here is the best solution to get new and working JIO code easily.

Some people are saying that jio code of 55 series are already getting redeemed so using our trick you can get the different series barcode.

Make sure to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc with your friends and help them to get their free JIO sim code. If you have any doubt regarding how to generate jio barcode then feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back with a solution asap.

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    • Kindly check video tutorial, I have given solution for this in video. All you need to do is Clear data of CheatDroid and open it again and you will see the NKR JIO App


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