How to Maintain Smartphone Performance

Maintain Smartphone Performance: Smartphones are the new trend in the mobile market. They are cool, efficient, easy to use but equally easy to suffer damages. So to avoid loss of precious data and elaborate repair bills, one must pay a little attention towards maintaining your smartphones. Using the memory storage efficiently, charging the battery correctly and adding security are the most important steps to ensure your smartphone not only performs well but lives longer. We have outlined some basic maintenance tips for your smartphone.

smartphone maintainance tips

Steps on how to keep your smartphone safe:

Phone maintenance can broadly be classified into two categories that of the hardware and the software. Hardware maintenance of smartphones includes memory management, battery maintenance and the physical aspects like the screen, protection with a case, etc. Most repairs are needed because the physical damages phones suffer. Here are some simple ways for hardware maintenance.

Maintain Smartphone Battery Life:

maintain smartphone battery life

The battery is undoubtedly the most important hardware of a smartphone. You can maintain it by switching off features that you might not be using rather than letting them run in the background e.g. the backlight, radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. Charging the battery to its complete capacity before use and only when the battery is almost drained has been observed to increase battery life. Cleaning the battery every six months is also helpful.

Get Rid of Unwanted Apps:

Storage management assumes importance since it not only gives you free space for installing new apps but also improves your smartphone’s overall performance. You can increase the life of your smartphone by deleting unused apps, media and also getting rid of the apps demand high power thereby harming or slowing down your phone.

Protect your Smartphone:

Protect your Smartphone

Another basic yet significant maintenance aspect is the guarding of your phone from water, heat, chemicals, dust, etc. First and foremost get a silicone or hard case for your phone which will not just protect it during a fall but will also from dust, extreme weather and water. For a smartphone, the protection of the screen is equally important. Simple way to do that is by using a screen guard which will keep your screen scratch proof even if you keep it in your pocket or a purse crammed with objects like keys.

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Keep Smartphone Screen Clean:

Cleaning your smartphone especially the screen is a sign of good maintenance. To clean your phone use a dry soft cloth and it should do the trick but if it does not work well then you can opt to use a cleaning solvent specially meant for smartphones. If you do not have access to these cleaning solvents, you can use distilled water to clean the screen but the cleaning process has to be carried out very carefully to avoid any damage.

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Use of Original Accessories:

When it comes to usage of accessories, always opt for original and compatible accessories preferably from the manufacturers of your smartphones. By using accessories from any other manufacturer may lead to equipment hazards, reduced phone performance and other safety risks. This also applies to batteries and chargers. Original accessories might be expensive but so is your phone. You really do not want to lose a phone that costs Rs. 25000 in a bid to save Rs. 300 for a charger.

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Updating the Smartphone:

Moving onto the software of your smartphone, the first step to take is keeping your phone safe with good security apps. Downloading apps, especially from a public Wi-Fi is a risky affair and your phone needs a high level security. Following user reviews and downloading Apps only from Reputed App providers is also essential. Some security software also have an anti-theft feature since loss of your smartphone puts a lot more at stake than just contacts and texts. Also security software can protect sensitive data on your smartphone or help you erase it when there is fear of your phone being in the wrong hands. It is best to download reputed software from safe and recommended sites. This is to avoid trusting your phone with providers of malicious software whose are targeting users who opt for the easy way out. Other than security, updating your smartphone software is extremely important when it comes to maintenance. By taking this step you can enjoy the improved features and ensure your smartphone performs more efficiently.

Rooting your Smartphone:

If your smartphone runs on the Android platform, ‘rooting’ is a tool that can help you remove unwanted bloatware and install root-only applications. But rooting is best done by experts since if incorrectly done, it can render your phone unstable.

Other than these general maintenance steps you can follow additional steps for each phone as defined by its manufacturer. This can enhance your smartphone’s performance, help you use your phone efficiently and also keep your phone almost as good as new for a long time.

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