Check How Many SIM Cards Are Registered on Your Gov ID & Disable It Online

Do you looking a way to know how many sim cards are registered on your government ID card or Aadhar card then the process is now possible and it is very easy.

Gov Of India launched new portal only for knowing how many sim card are issued on ID proofs and easy way to disable Sim card and also option to report it .

How Many SIM Cards Are Registered Under Your Aadhaar Card

As you know in India many fraudster using some one else aadhar card or ID proof to issue new SIM card and then use it for illegal or unauthorized uses.

In India DOT has made clear that people can issue 9 SIM cards on their ID proofs and 9 e-sim cards i.e means you can get maximum 18 SIM Card on your name .

If some one uses your aadhar card to issued new sim card or you want to close out multiple connection SIM card trhen you can do that via Gov Portal.

How you can disable multiple SIM Card Via Gov Portal in India :

Gov of India Launched new portal named TAF COP [ Telecom Analytics For Fraud Management & Consumer Protection ] .

On this portal any one can register their self easily and check that how many SIM Card register on their number .

When you enter in portal you can see all sim cards which are issued on your ID Proof or Aadhar card after that if you don’t want any number to your name or want to close it or it is bought without your consent you can place disable request from the platform easily .

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You will get tracking number on your mobile to check your request is full filled or not.

Steps on TAF COP Portal To Disable Multiple SIM Card :

I have explained how to know how many sims are registered on my name to you now let’s jump on steps as steps are very important to find out all details. With this method you will be able to block sim card of any telecom network.

  • First of all go to Gov TAF COP Portal By Clicking Below Link: Click Here
  • Now you will see Gov Portal with field of enter mobile number.
  • Now put your mobile number & request OTP for verification.
  • As you verified you will redirect to details page.
  • Here you see list of numbers which are registered via using your Aadhar Card or ID proof.
check how many sims on my name
  • Now to disable or report unused or unauthorized number click the number which you want report.
  • Now choose from three option (This is not my number /Not required / Required ) .
  • After choosing reason hit report button.
  • Bingo ! Ticket ID generated and number will be disabled soon.
Clarification on SIMS Registration for India

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How To Track or Cancel SIM Cancellation Request on TAF COP Portal :

You have found multiple number first time on your aadhar number and placed cancellation request or reported the number and you received tracking number or service ID via SMS and notification on website.

But some how you want to cancel the placed request then you can also cancel your request via same portal. Steps are below just follow it.

  • On TAF COP portal you will see A blank field with Track /Cancel button.
  • Here enter ticket id / request number to see the status of your complaint.
how many sims are registered in my name
  • If you wish to cancel the request just hit Cancel button.
  • After cancellation sim will be used normal as before.

Author’s Take:

In digital world every thing is digital no need to go to police station or make formal complaint you can do every thing via online medium .

Knowing and cancelling multiple sim card on your Aadhar card is very important it gives you power on your data and prevent misuse of your SIM Card or Aadhar.

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