Mi VR Play: How to Buy Successfully in Flash Sale on 21st Dec

Buy Mi VR Play, Script for Mi VR Headset: Xiaomi is one of the most trusted brands in India regarding tech gadgets and this time the innovation is entering the market of Virtual reality. Virtual reality gadgets in India are not very popular and very few percentage of tech lovers uses it on a daily basis but as you know that Xiaomi is both user and pocket-friendly. Xiaomi India has launched Mi VR Play Headset which could be one the best in terms of handling with respect to other VR headsets.

Buy Mi VR Play Flash Sale Trick

Mi VR Play Headset launched in India and is going to be sold in a flash sale on Mi India official website on 21st December at 12 PM. Mi VR Play is filled with many features and still affordable with a price of just Rs. 999. We have previously shared many tricks and scripts to buy in flash sale and using which many buyers got their smartphone, band, headset and other gadgets without worrying about flash sale rush.

This blog post deals with the same idea of using a trick to buy Mi Vr Play successfully in a flash sale. Xiaomi flash sales are always very rushy, and thousands of people try their best to get hands on Mi’s latest innovations. Mi Virtual Reality is the long waited gadget for Indian customers, and here it is now so many followers are going to get one on the sale date.

Mi VR Play Price in India, Specifications & Review:

Mi VR Play is going to be sold in India on 21st December at 12 PM on Mi India website. It is priced at as low as 999 Rupees which is very much affordable in comparison to other VR Headsets. Generally, VR headsets with features like MI VR Play Headset, starting from 1500 to even 2500 but Xiaomi always tries to cut as much expense as they can without compromising the technical stuff.

Mi VR Play Specs:

Mi VR Play SpecificationDesc
Phone compatibility4.7 to 5.7 Inch
MaterialLycra fabric (nylon + spandex), Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
Price in IndiaRs. 999
Google Cardboard compatiblilityYes
Android AppDownload Cardboard Apk

Steps to Buy Mi VR Play Headset in Flash Sale

  1. Open Mi VR Play Sale Page.
  2. On the sale, day click on Buy Now button.
  3. Go to your Cart.
  4. Enter or choose your shipping details.
  5. Pay Rs. 999 for Mi VR Play Headset via Credit/Debit card, net banking, etc.

Mi VR Play Auto Buy Script

Tips & Tricks to Buy Mi VR Play

  1. Synchronize your Computer’s time with the Internet.
  2. Windows 10 Users: (I) Right click on Date & Time present on bottom right corner of your display screen. (II) Now click on “Adjust date/time.” (III) Now scroll down and click on “Additional date, time & regional settings.” (IV) Under Date & Time heading, click on “Set the time and date.” (V) Now click on “Internet Time” tab. (VI) Click on “Change Settings…”. (VII) Tick mark on “Synchronize with an Internet time server.” (VIII) Select “time.nist.gov” in the server and click on “Update Now.” (IX) Finally click on Ok.
  3. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Users: (I) Right click on Date & Time present on bottom right corner of your display screen. (II) Now click on “Adjust date/time”. (III) Now click on “Internet Time” tab. (IV) Click on “Change Settings…”. (V) Tick mark on “Synchronize with an Internet time server.” (VI) Select “time.nist.gov” in the server and click on “Update Now.” (VII) Finally click on Ok.
  4. Smartphone Users: (I) Go to Settings and Click on Additional Settings (II) Click on “Date & time.” (III) Tick mark on “Automatic date & time.”

Script to Buy Mi VR Play in Mi Flash Sale

Below is the trick to buying Mi VR Play headset successfully in Mi India flash sale using an auto buy script. This script helps to automatically click on Buy Now button as soon as it appears after the count down timer. All you need to do is apply and execute the script in your Internet browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox and leave the clicking part on the script.

Script [Also Do manually in One Tab]:


var time=setInterval(function(){ var b=document.getElementsByTagName(‘a’)[5].innerHTML; if(b == “Buy now”){ document.getElementsByTagName(‘a’)[5].click(); clearInterval(time); } else { console.log(“Script Activated”); }},10);


Mi VR Play Trick Proof

But remember that this script only helps to click on Buy Now button and hence rest other procedure like choosing the shipping address, and payment procedure needs to be manually done by you. So above is the script to buy Mi VR Play in Flash sale. Make sure to check 15 minutes before sale for confirmed working script.

YouTube Video on Mi VR Play:


I hope you liked this blog post on how to buy Mi VR Play virtual reality headset successfully in Mi Flash Sale. If you have any doubts about the auto buy script, then leave a comment below, and we will get back to your asap. Share this EarticleBlog post with your friends on social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. Thank You. :)

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    The flash of selfie stick is crashed by someone. I can’t able to but the selfie stick , so pls help me

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      Selfie stick?

      This sale is for Mi VR Play Virtual Reality Headset!

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