Increase or Maximize Your Internet Speed using OpenVpn/Nmdvpn Trick

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So today we tell you How you can increase your internet speed with full maximum capcity of your network.
it's quiet interesting and useful to all of us.
Here one thing i want to clear full speed means if you use 7.2 mbps modem and you also use nmd vpn or pd proxy, if he gives you 2 mbps speed and your network is caplble to bear more 5 mbps speed then this tricks works for you.

This Trick work in Tcp and UDP port both...
Reuirments for This trick..
1- you have install nmd vpn or openvpn.
2- Connectify dispatch software.

So Lets Start.....
  Today i will show to speed up internet on nmd vpn and open vpn tricks and make it unlimited ( depends on your usb moedem , mobile speed )

1. Go to C:Program Files (x86)NMDVPNbin and make e.g 10 taps to connect with 10 configs at the same time

2. after that connect more than one config at the same time

3. and they will connect like that

4. You need connectify dispatch to use all taps .

5. Download it from here

6. Open connectify dispatch and just click on start dispatch

7. Now enjoy the unlimited speed the more configs connect the more speed you will get .

This trick speed was 60 k/s but after using dispatch trick it reaches 500 /600 k/s and it would be more but my usb modem is 7.2 mb/s.(but it not go beyond your network speed if u using same modem for all the tap)

And stay updated we have more tricks all are coming soon... :)

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