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This Method Can Increase RAM in your Android Phones

If you ask anybody the main most asked feature then that is probably how much RAM in My phone and practically one can’t add extra RAM chip to existing android device like the way you can do in your PCs and Laptops.

This is where Mobile lacks they aren’t meant to be that up-gradable.In upcoming mobile these issues are almost solve by giving enough ram but still if we are gamer or heavy mobile usability we need more ram.

Anyways we don’t have to compromise with this anymore, we have some great tricks which will somewhat increase RAM on your android, and let you do more tasks with ease, basically this will some-what increase your RAM power and enhance your multitasking experience.

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How to increase RAM on android:

There is one application called ROEHSOFT Ram Expander (swap)


  • The app requires root access.

How to use this app:

Step 1: Firstly, Install the app from Google play store | Download for free apk

Step 2: Now allow all the required root permissions and once it has got required access permissions the app is all ready to expand the RAM power as desired.

Step 3: Next you will see a swap active button on top-left of the screen, just click on it and wait for the process to proceed.


Step 4: Now you have to select storage memory, select SD-card. And it is recommend to swap 512 Mb minimum.

Step 5: Wait – Now the app will take some time to create a virtual memory space that will in turn act as virtual RAM in your memory card. It will take memory from your SD-card so make sure you have at least 8 to 16 GB SD-card.

Step 6: Now you are ready to test the performance, try playing high-end games or apps or try to access multiple applications simultaneously at a time and surely you will see some major improvement in your performance.

Is there any FREE alternative?

Yes! There is a method where you can do some manual changes to get increased RAM.


  1. Windows PC or laptop- must have windows vista or greater versions of window.
  2. The android smartphone must be rooted
  3. Memory card can’t be ordinary it is recommended to use a high class memory at least class 4 is essential Tip- Class 10 SD-card is recommended.
  4. SD-card reader or USB cable to access memory card.

Important note: Check swap support for your android device. Click here.

How to manually partition SD card?

Step 1: Download Google mini Tool for your windows based PC or laptop.

Step 2: Use USB cable or card reader to connect your memory card to PC.

Step 3: Delete the SD card from Google mini tool to ensure it is formatted and empty.

Step 4: Select memory type as FAT 32

Step 5: you need to allow 1 GB of memory space to partition.

It will hardly take few minutes to Partitioning the memory.

Step 6: Root your android device

Step 7: Download and install Link2SD

Step 8: Open the application and allow root access and then choose file-name ending with extension (.ext) that is file which we made earlier.

Now link it and you are ready to go for the next step.

Last step:

  • Download Swapper for Root

Open the application and select the desired RAM amount to increase. Also note that it is recommended to increase only 1 GB of RAM space.

Now this process will create a file ending with (.swp) that will be responsible for increment of your RAM.

Now you will definitely see RAM increased! And some improvement in performance.


These are the tricks to increase RAM in android and actually get some performance upgraded. This process is bit complex but actually implementable and can do wonders once done and that too without paying a single penny.

By this tutorial you can stop figuring out how to increase RAM in android, and enjoy the upgraded performance.

Tell us what is your experience with this tricks? And what is your take from the above tutorial?

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